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Meet the people who power CWT

Committed professionals who love to help

Our people take care of yours. 24/7 they answer 32 calls or emails every minute, every day, to deliver the service experience your employees expect. They live and work in over 140 countries to help take care of you and your employees – wherever you are. Meet a few of the people who make CWT work for you.

Meet Paul Dobson

ERM innovator

"The complex operations of companies within the oil, gas and energy sectors create a challenging set of workforce travel requirements in often remote locations. I take care of our clients, offering an ‘always-on’ management of their business travel operations."

Meet Paul

Meet Melanie Low

Customer feedback innovator

"You'd expect to work with a brand that sought frequent consumer feedback to learn and improve. We've built in NPS to provide a standard measure of success."

Meet Melanie

Meet Harshal Mehta

Cyber security innovator

"Cyber-crime has risen throughout the pandemic with identity theft the #1 issue in data security today. Our ability to adapt and change with the threat landscape is key to protecting our customer’s corporate information and employee identities."

Meet Harshal

Meetings and events innovator

Meetings and events innovator

"To get the best return on your event, your audience must be wowed, engaged, and understand your message. Our creative teams work to your brief with laser-focus on the agreed outcome."

Meet Marvin

Distribution innovator

Distribution innovator

"Employees demand a travel program that provides options and flexibility. Through our vision, influence and execution, we're bringing to life the promise of NDC, for richer, more relevant, content and choice."

Meet Stefan

Event operations innovator

Event operations innovator

"Managing travel and accommodation for thousands of athletes can feel like an endurance sport. We believe success comes from focus, prioritization and teamwork."

Meet Francesca

Messaging innovator

Messaging innovator

"Being productive and focused while traveling are key to a successful trip. Messaging our counselors via our myCWT app or your preferred collaboration tool is one way we can help deliver a successful outcome."

Meet Eilon

Savings innovator

Savings innovator

"No one wants to waste money. Our price optimization tools help to find savings pre and post travel. Saving up to 3%* of your total travel spend."
* Average savings value

Meet Jenine

Incredible leadership expertise

Our leaders

CWT’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT) features leaders from all facets of travel and technology, with combined experience of more than 200 years in travel-related roles. They’ve set a winning strategy our clients and their employees count on to help them keep moving and deliver travel management services that drive bottom-line results.

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