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Success Stories



Outsourcing achieves impressive results


CWT provided travel management services for a biotechnology company after it experienced significant reductions in the number of its in-house travel managers. We sourced suppliers, led vendor negotiations for the client, and looked for other ways to reduce air, hotel and ground costs. As part of this initiative, we implemented our proprietary, automated messaging tool to help change noncompliant employee behavior and drive preferred supplier bookings. As a result, CWT:

  • Identified $15.5 USD million in airfare savings.
  • Negotiated $1.4 million USD in global hotel program savings.
  • Increased car rental discounts, saving $575,000 USD.

Carmaker gets plugged in for new model launch


An automobile manufacturer needed a large-scale, interactive event in the heart of Paris to educate its sales representatives, managers and distributors about its first fully electric car model. CWT secured an appropriately named venue—Electric—and transformed its enormous 22,000-square-meter (24,200-square-yard) rooftop into a vehicle test track. We created a tagline that translated to “get plugged in” to complement the overall event concept, the new car model, and the event’s interactive approach to education and engagement. More than 300 attendees had an unforgettable experience, and a survey revealed 98 percent of them were satisfied with the event.

CWT uncovers savings opportunities, negotiates reimbursement from supplier


CWT helped a client in the oil and gas industry increase its potential annual savings on car rentals by nearly $750,000 USD. After conducting a comprehensive analysis of the energy leader’s ground transportation data, we discovered a pattern of loss/collision damage waiver charges at vehicle pickup. Our client had incurred approximately $400,000 USD in expenditures resulting from the vendor upselling these unnecessary insurance products to the client’s employees. CWT persuaded the rental car company to reimburse our client for these charges and take steps to prevent its rental counter agents from offering insurance to the energy company’s employees. Our review also uncovered that more than half of the cars rented were larger, less fuel-efficient vehicles. If travelers shifted most of those rentals to smaller, more economical cars, we determined the energy company could save almost $350,000 USD annually in rental charges and refueling costs.

Industrial furniture manufacturer enhances safety and security


An interior furnishings design and manufacturing firm wanted to provide more care to its traveling employees, while reducing risk within its travel program. The company’s employees lacked an easy way to get destination information, while its travel management and security teams needed reliable, timely intelligence forecasts and a better way to locate travelers quickly in an emergency. CWT delivered a safety and security solution that included powerful traveler tracking reporting, destination intelligence, incident alerts and crisis communications. The furniture-maker’s employees received access to relevant destination details, which helped boost productivity and reduce the research time needed for each trip. To determine the value delivered, we measured employee retention (lower costs due to less staff turnover) and productivity. The company saved nearly $123,000 USD—a 558 percent return on investment—compared to their previous program.



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Award-winning travel management controls

Travel management at your command

CWT gives you access to an incredibly powerful business intelligence tool that makes it easy for you to get the complete picture of your travel program. Compare your company’s performance on key metrics with top performers, peers and CWT’s client average. With these built-in benchmarking standards, you’ll be able to document the value you bring to your organization and see where changes could add even more value.


Tap into the collective brain power of our data scientists and analysts

Delivering effective data insights

CWT’s professional data scientists and analysts can help you gain better visibility of your spending, see where your opportunities lie and understand how to change things. This team possesses the tools and expertise to deliver data insights that help you make a real difference in your travel program.

Get your data right from the start

Foundations matter

Like any good building, how you put down your foundation makes all the difference. Strong travel data must start with getting your employees’ travel profile information right—every time. Our global travel management system drives data through every service we offer, all the way through to your reporting and analysis tool. No matter how or where your employees book travel, we’ll be sure their preferences and reporting information goes with them.

See what a difference the right hotel makes

Where do your employees sleep?

On their trips, your employees need a safe, business-appropriate place to sleep that is cost-effective. You need to be sure you are tracking employees’ hotel stays so you can locate them in an emergency and gain negotiation power with your preferred suppliers. CWT can help you with that.

Great prices without wasting time shopping around

A room that won’t break the bank

CWT’s hotel selection, powered by RoomIt, meets or beats the best rate 95 percent of the time—with rates that are available 98 percent of the time. How do we know? RateGain, a third-party firm, compared our rates throughout 2016 and 2017 at 8,000 properties, which were contracted by RoomIt and rotated monthly, with those from three global hotel distribution companies. The monthly pricing audits examined the rates of refundable single occupancy rooms with Tuesday and Wednesday check-ins that were two weeks apart.

More than 800,000 hotels for business travel

Just the rooms they need

Our impressive collection of hotels provides something for every kind of business traveler, because we focus only on business-relevant properties with the amenities and services your employees need. We’ll integrate your negotiated hotel program and supplement it with aggregator and our own great rates with special inclusions for any type of accommodation needed.


Complete hotel choices any way they book

Consistency in every channel

CWT strives for universal hotel content in every possible booking channel. That means whether your employee books business travel online, via phone or using our mobile app, they’ll get full hotel content to help them find just the right place at the right price.

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Going beyond consumer grade to employee grade

Providing a consistent, high-quality experience

No matter how they choose to contact us, your traveling employees will receive a high-quality experience. From travel counselors who genuinely care to mobile apps that are easy to use, we’ll make sure their business travel experience gets them off to the right start.

Fully integrated, award-winning mobile app

Your on-the-go business essential

Give your employees the mobile tools they want without undermining your travel program goals. Our app helps simplify business trips and keep employees happy and productive. Because we own the technology we’re able to continually adapt and enhance our app. And with greater than a four-star rating on the two major mobile platforms, we’re clearly satisfying business travelers.


Employee engagement through better travel experiences

Retain and engage your employees

CWT relentlessly focuses on giving your employees new ways to connect, get going faster and have better experiences. We’ll help you deliver a business travel program that helps engage and retain your company’s biggest asset—its employees.


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