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Success Stories


Covid-19: successful relocation amid global lockdown

Moving travelers from multiple countries with limited flight options

CWT relocated a global client’s travelers in multiple countries across Asia Pacific due to Covid-19. This request came when only 10% of global flight schedules were in operation. It was successfully completed within 72 hours of the client request.

A cross-functional team ensured that itinerary, e-ticket confirmation, hotel accommodation and chauffeur car services were communicated to all employees with emergency contact details for support en-route. ‘Flight Status’ monitoring was also executed in case of cancellation or changes at connection points.

As a result:

  • CWT completed successful relocations for over 7 countries.
  • Ongoing co-ordination and support for additional personnel movements continued over the following weeks.
  • CWT provided continuous monitoring of border closures, entry restrictions and flight schedule reductions to support risk analysis and forward planning efforts to the company’s travel team.

Outsourcing achieves impressive results

CWT identifies nearly $17.9M USD in savings for biotech company

CWT provided travel management services for a biotechnology company after it experienced significant reductions in the number of its in-house travel managers. We sourced suppliers, led vendor negotiations for the client, and looked for other ways to reduce air, hotel and ground costs. As part of this initiative, we implemented our proprietary, automated messaging tool to help change noncompliant employee behavior and drive preferred supplier bookings. As a result, CWT:

  • Identified $15.5 USD million in airfare savings.
  • Negotiated $1.4 million USD in global hotel program savings.
  • Increased car rental discounts, saving $575,000 USD.

Carmaker gets plugged in for new model launch

Paris becomes electric

An automobile manufacturer needed a large-scale, interactive event in the heart of Paris to educate its sales representatives, managers and distributors about its first fully electric car model. CWT secured an appropriately named venue—Electric—and transformed its enormous 22,000-square-meter (24,200-square-yard) rooftop into a vehicle test track. We created a tagline that translated to “get plugged in” to complement the overall event concept, the new car model, and the event’s interactive approach to education and engagement. More than 300 attendees had an unforgettable experience, and a survey revealed 98 percent of them were satisfied with the event.

CWT uncovers savings opportunities, negotiates reimbursement from supplier

Energy client recoups unnecessary rental car charges

CWT helped a client in the oil and gas industry increase its potential annual savings on car rentals by nearly $750,000 USD. After conducting a comprehensive analysis of the energy leader’s ground transportation data, we discovered a pattern of loss/collision damage waiver charges at vehicle pickup. Our client had incurred approximately $400,000 USD in expenditures resulting from the vendor upselling these unnecessary insurance products to the client’s employees. CWT persuaded the rental car company to reimburse our client for these charges and take steps to prevent its rental counter agents from offering insurance to the energy company’s employees. Our review also uncovered that more than half of the cars rented were larger, less fuel-efficient vehicles. If travelers shifted most of those rentals to smaller, more economical cars, we determined the energy company could save almost $350,000 USD annually in rental charges and refueling costs.

Industrial furniture manufacturer enhances safety and security

More care, less risk saves nearly $123K USD

An interior furnishings design and manufacturing firm wanted to provide more care to its traveling employees, while reducing risk within its travel program. The company’s employees lacked an easy way to get destination information, while its travel management and security teams needed reliable, timely intelligence forecasts and a better way to locate travelers quickly in an emergency. CWT delivered a safety and security solution that included powerful traveler tracking reporting, destination intelligence, incident alerts and crisis communications. The furniture-maker’s employees received access to relevant destination details, which helped boost productivity and reduce the research time needed for each trip. To determine the value delivered, we measured employee retention (lower costs due to less staff turnover) and productivity. The company saved nearly $123,000 USD—a 558 percent return on investment—compared to their previous program.

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