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Delivering travel ROI

Get value from everything you do


Go beyond pure cost-cutting measures

Take a 360-degree approach to business travel management

Don’t just trim around the edges; get value from everything you do. With a travel return on investment (ROI) approach, CWT offers you a suite of tools and processes that can deliver measureable savings for your program — empowering you to go beyond pure cost-cutting measures to embrace how travel affects your employees. Whatever your specific goals, we help you deliver real ROI through pre- and post-ticketing savings, powerful insights, and supplier and third-party expertise.

Blending people and technology for best results

Empowering you to craft your perfect program

The best recipes blend ingredients. At CWT, we blend powerful business intelligence and reporting tools with access to industry specialists. You get the power you need to see and manage your business travel costs at all levels right at your fingertips.

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Support for your negotiations

Supplier expertise

Lean on CWT’s strengths with travel suppliers in your negotiations. We’ll show you how to maximize savings, while helping you determine the right fit for your travel program.

Flip the script on travel management spending

Real ROI

What is the return on your company’s investment in business travel? We’ll help you change the dynamic of travel being viewed as a cost center. Our tools and methodologies help you measure and continually improve a travel ROI that includes productivity, results, engagement and experience.

Ready to take travel management to the next level?

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