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Expert travel services in local currency - case study

Oil and gas client uses highly restricted currency on local travel services with the support of CWT Angola expert team.





Results at a glance

  • Client able to move the ticketing to CWT Angola in order to spend Kwanza on travel services
  • Agents located in Portugal support operations based in Angola
  • Agents in Portugal able to provide a high level of service and are more experienced
  • Client can spend Kwanza and booking is no more expensive than booking in other currencies

The challenge

For those managing business in countries where governments have banned the local currency from leaving the country, it can be a challenge to find ways to spend locally earned revenue.

An oil and gas company, which had been a client of CWT since many years, was servicing its business in Angola from CWT South Africa. At the time, it had a problem managing revenue earned in the local currency. Due to currency restrictions, it had become increasingly difficult to transfer money out of Angola. They needed to find a way to spend Angolan Kwanza on its business travel services locally.

The solution

The client decided to move its business to CWT Angola in order to be able to use Kwanza when paying for the company’s Angola flights and local services. CWT ERM ensured that CWT Angola could issue almost all tickets in Kwanza, resulting in seamless payment and ticketing of flights to and from Angola.

The Angola agents are supported by a team of experts in Portugal for more complex itineraries and services which ensures high quality of service and experience to the customer. This service configuration also regulates costs for the client. While international fares are generally slightly more expensive when booked via Angola, the ability to use the local currency reduces this price, dependent on client travel policy and routing.

The result

CWT ERM’s oil and gas client can now spend Kwanza when paying for its local travel service, and the company has been using this service for the past four years. Booking from Angola is no more expensive on average than booking from other countries, and CWT Angola has both local and international agents with vast experience in servicing global accounts, as well as meeting compliance standards required for international regulations.

Need to know details

Airlines that we can issue tickets in Angola, but only if Angola is the departure country:

  • TAP
  • TAAG
  • KQ
  • ET
  • TM
  • EK

Airlines that we can issue tickets in Angola, if Angola is the origin or destination:

  • SA
  • AF
  • LH
  • EK
  • KL
  • SN
  • LX

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