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$1M+ savings with ERM fares – case study

Experience on ERM route deals and negotiated fares to manage crew changes and control project costs delivers $1M+ savings.





Results at a glance

  • More than 400 profiles were created.
  • 503 individual tickets were issued.
  • Total savings of more than US$1 million.
  • Used marine, route deal and negotiated fares to control project costs.

The challenge

A major oil and gas company needed help deploying crew changes on a Floating Production and Offloading (FPSO) vessel moving from the East China Sea to the North Sea. Three crew changes were required in Singapore, South Africa and the Canary Islands, with 140+ travelers at each location. Crews - mostly foreign nationals who needed individual profiles - arrived and departed at airports near where the FPSO was moored.

The solution

CWT staff’s vast experience in crew changes provided workable solutions to this unique challenge. The nature of the project allowed them to use marine, route deals and negotiated fares, which delivered higher-than-usual savings and flexibility. CWT teams created profiles for more than 400 travelers via secure data uploads. They captured each person’s travel requirements through a pre-formatted reservation document, which helped with tracking and avoiding duplication.

The result

CWT issued 503 individual tickets using CWT ERM fares to reduce costs and support the company’s preferred air program. CWT also helped the company improve compliance, control project costs and monitor spend. Every traveler’s itinerary was included in tracking, so the company could properly identify potential issues and eliminate any duplication. The company’s travel team was impressed with the way the entire project was handled, as well as the more than US$1million cost savings CWT delivered.


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