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Fisheries travel – case study

Commercial fishing vessel had to be abandoned by its crew.






Results at a glance

  • Chartered air transportation for 46-member crew evacuation.
  • Located alternate IDs for crew, who evacuated without personal effects.
  • Coordinated crew movement from rescue island to Anchorage, then to home cities.

The challenge

A CWT Energy, Resources & Marine client’s commercial fishing vessel took on water and had to be abandoned by its crew several hundred miles from the nearest land, Alaska’s Adak Island. Their life rafts were rescued and the 46-member crew was brought to the island, where a small community lives in the town of Adak. CWT Energy, Resources & Marine personnel were asked to coordinate air evacuation to Anchorage, then to each of the crew member’s home cities.

The solution

CWT personnel booked a charter airline to transport the crew to Anchorage. The team then organized flights to each crew member’s home city, despite most of them abandoning their sinking ship without personal identification. The CWT staff served as a liaison between the fishing company, the adjuster/marine disaster specialist firm and the local TSA office. The next day, with the client’s help locating identifications on file, CWT issued tickets to the crew as they arrived at the airport for their flights home.

The result

CWT traveler services and CWT Energy, Resources & Marine staff went the extra mile to get the fishing boat’s crew off Adak Island and arrange travel to their homes. They worked closely with the company, charter airline, firm specializing in maritime adjusting, and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Within five days of abandoning ship, all crew members were on their way home. CWT kept a diverse group of interested parties informed during every step of this process.


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