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Safety & security – case study

Evacuate employees from Iraq






Results at a glance

  • Successfully implemented crisis evacuation plan in a high-risk, Middle Eastern location.
  • Executed exhaustive documentation and communication processes.
  • Provided exemplary logistical and booking support around the clock to secure evacuees’ safe passage.
  • Prioritized traveler needs and well-being to ensure 70 employees arrived safely at their destinations.

The challenge

A leading integrated energy company needed to evacuate its employees from Iraq because of a developing perilous situation. It had tested its crisis evacuation plan, which included simulating a land evacuation, because it was assumed air evacuation would not be possible. With limited departure options that were in continuous flux due to erratic conditions, the global energy producer needed help identifying and coordinating immediate travel arrangements and safe passage for its personnel.

The solution

CWT Energy, Resources & Marine staff worked with the company to review the crisis evacuation plan, determine priorities and investigate options. Later that week, 70 employees needed immediate evacuation. The company’s global travel staff worked with CWT personnel to provide around-the-clock logistical and booking support. Many transportation options were considered, and it was determined that air travel was not a viable alternative. The team arranged vehicle convoys and buses to safely drive the staff to Turkey.


The result

All 70 travelers arrived safely at their destinations. The team drew from its local knowledge and experience acquired during preparation drills to arrange group transportation and prepaid hotel accommodation. They also coordinated loans and travel arrangements for all evacuees through their flights home. Throughout the ordeal, safety and availability - regardless of cost - were the priority, and exhaustive documentation and communications processes fueled success. The company recognized CWT for its exemplary focus and support.

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