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13. 36+% in additional cost savings - case study

Offshore drilling serviced company achieves 36% in contracted air spend and 13% in contracted car, streamlining their travel program.





Results at a glance

  • Improved communications with global activity log, updated weekly, and shared with CWT and company.
  • Optimized booking process with corresponding training, resulting in higher service satisfaction.
  • Introduced new products and services, including myCWT app and web, car rental audits, FareIQ and Room IQ.
  • More than 36% in additional cost savings in Q1 of that year.

The challenge

A leading provider of offshore contract drilling services needed CWT’s help to streamline their travel program. Much like a house can become cluttered and less efficient, their travel program had grown increasingly complex. Over the years, they added manual processes and heavy customization that ended up causing errors, downstream data inaccuracies, and frustration for everyone. They needed a complete travel program makeover—with simpler processes, more tools and automation, and a new level of transparency and communication.

The solution

CWT’s ERM Global Program Director identified a need for more efficient communications between the CWT team and the client. She created a global activity log and began providing consistent and meaningful reports to the company. They update the log weekly and share it to provide transparency. The log also outlines accountable roles and responsibilities; a standing internal global team call keeps everyone informed.

CWT advanced training efforts for the Operations team, resulting in higher service satisfaction. Multiple CWT phone numbers were consolidated into one, with prompts to direct callers to the right resource. The client and CWT enhanced service levels by realigning processes, incorporating automation and creating customized booking solutions.

CWT also introduced new products and services, which will continue to improve efficiencies and provide substantial cost savings for the company.

The result

The client and CWT successfully renewed the program, strengthening our plans to continue to streamline processes and gain efficiencies. In Q1 of that year, they achieved savings of 36% in contracted air spend and 13% in contracted car.

More than 27% of the client’s travelers now use myCWT around the world, and a consistent CWT Itinerary has already been launched in the U.K. and Brazil, expanding worldwide. We re-launched myCWT web with single sign-on (SSO) and launched a customized, rig-specific booker survey. The CWT team successfully managed more than 30 crisis management alerts directly with the company. Errors have drastically improved, with more than 35K transactions in Q1 at a global error-free rate of 99%. Benchmarking reports show the company as “best in class” across average ticket price, cost per mile, and hotel rates in their peer group of drilling companies.


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