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24/7 assistance for repatriation - case study

How our 24/7, around the globe service team, brought a surgeon safely home to his family from Russia during a pandemic.


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Results at a glance

  • 24/7 seamless management around the globe.
  • Frictionless customer experience.
  • Returning a flight surgeon home to his family.

The challenge

Through their Health and Human Performance Contract (HHPC), KBR has supported astronauts in the US space program since 1968. When the pandemic began to escalate globally, the KBR Government Solutions U.S. division had a flight surgeon working on a HHPC project for NASA in Russia.

KBR required immediate assistance from CWT to repatriate him from Russia to the United States as soon as possible. It was immediately obvious this would be extremely challenging as countries around the world started to impose travel restrictions in varying degrees. This also meant that airlines had to constantly change or cancel their flights.

CWT was on a race against the clock. We had to not only get him out of Russia, but ensure he was on a flight that would allow connection through to the United States.

The solution

CWT launched into action to find a viable solution to bring the traveler home.

With constant border changes and canceled flights, the process required seamless management by CWT teams from operational centers 24x7 around the globe.

The evolving complexities were fast and fluid – border closures, canceled flights, rescheduling of commercial routes, grounding of entire carrier fleets, visa requirements for potential transit points and fierce competition for limited seats on available flights. As the team worked on a solution, they took care to detail every change and action required in every iteration of the itinerary, allowing any team member, including our emergency service center, to pick up the booking and support KBR with further changes at any time, day or night.

The final booking included 20 changes across 8 different CWT counselors who adjusted, managed and communicated with KBR before the flight surgeon returned to his home and family.

The result

By providing an effective 24/7 operation that incorporated excellent communication between teams, CWT supported KBR's traveler during the pandemic, ensuring that he returned safely, taking the fastest route possible.


"They were always upbeat and positive in the midst of a global pandemic. They never tired of me calling and greeted me like we were all one big family working together to get another family member home. "


- Mary C McFather
Administrative Assistant, Multilateral Medical Operations



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