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ERM mobility – an expert’s insight



How ERM mobility simplifies travel logistics for workforce rotations

Our new workforce mobility service solves the problem of disconnected platforms and lack of visibility of the full workforce rotation by integrating commercial and remote site workflows into one consolidated process. We are empowering companies that manage complex workforce rotations to save money, reduce process times, and improve the experience for travel managers and traveling employees alike.

We spoke to Beverly McCabe, CEO of leading technology company, Innfinity, and CWT partner, about how we have worked together to deliver the future of seamless travel management.

Read on to find out.

CWT ERM: What can companies achieve with ERM’s mobility service?

Beverly McCabeBeverly McCabe: ERM mobility helps companies manage the many moving parts that comprise a crew movement more seamlessly. Ensuring all bookings are in sync enables companies managing crew movements to save considerably by improving their use of chartered transport, and purchasing more shrewdly when it comes to the commercial pieces.

How does ERM mobility help solve the pain points facing organizations that manage corporate and remote site travel?

BMC: I think communication is perhaps the greatest challenge these organizations face. When we were in the depths of getting our ERM product off the ground, we sat with staff at the offices of a few ERM companies that helped us to develop the product early on. We realized what a run-around it can be to get everyone who’s part of booking crew movements to be in-sync.

We first had to speak to the department managing the workforce housing (camps, lodges). Then we had to speak to travel coordinators managing charter flight schedules. And finally we had to work with the TMCs to understand the commercial piece, often complex in its own right. The greatest challenge ERM companies face comes from the siloed nature of organizations and the lack of communication between functions.

What we have built creates a single source of truth. It provides a bridge for different departments to come together and book these complex crew movements more efficiently.

What are the benefits of closing the gap between commercial and remote site trips?

BMC: I think the fact that all bookings are housed in one system makes all the difference. When bookings are in sync, it’s simple for travel coordinators, travel managers and other involved parties to look at the same booking from the same tool and identify where the gaps and overlaps of crew traveler movements are. When there’s one system, the responsible parties can jump in to create, modify or cancel bookings as necessary.

How does ERM mobility improve the experience for logistics managers, travel managers and traveling employees?

BMC: For logistics managers and travel managers, it puts them all on the same page, which greatly reduces the stress of worrying about whether there are gaps in a crew traveler itinerary. For travelers, it ensures bookings are complete and contained within a single itinerary, making their journey to and from site that much smoother.

One workflow - One itinerary - One touchpointWhat sets ERM's mobility offering apart from other platforms on the market?

BMC: A lot of other offerings provide a fragmented booking experience, mirroring the historical way that crew movements have been booked for decades. They fail to re-think the way rotating workforce management can be done, as they don’t bring all bookings together into a single source.

What does implementation look like?

BMC: Implementation is concise but does require customization. Most companies have a unique way of operating their crew movements, typically with unique travel requirements, so we conduct a brief analysis to better understand all the different components of a crew traveler’s journey before the system is set up. Once set up, we also make sure to provide in-depth training for travel managers and travel coordinators to ensure all parties are comfortable with the way the system manages these various booking types.

What kinds of success have you seen?

BMC: Companies using ERM mobility have uncovered savings resulting from the decrease in “no shows” for their crew bookings. This is one of the most exciting aspects of bringing together all parts of crew movement booking. When companies more efficiently fill the seats on their charters and manage their commercial bookings more tightly, they save a lot by maximizing the usage of their resources.

What are you most excited about the launch of CWT ERM's mobility service?

BMC: CWT ERM offers years of experience managing these types of bookings and is a leader in the space. I think it’s fantastic that CWT ERM is actively bringing together all these moving pieces for companies booking crew travel. They’re helping companies move to the next level in crew movement management.


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