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Hotel bookings? Why they matter so much!



How to boost your hotel attachment rate

We know that many business travelers have booked outside of company channels at least once in the past year.

But, why do travelers book elsewhere?

  • Hotel loyalty points?
  • Better pricing?
  • Convenience?

Four reasons why non-compliance with travel policies is a problem?

1. It's a budget buster
15% of travel over-spend can be reduced by enforcing your policies

2. It wastes time
The average time a travel buyer dedicates to reconciling travel and expense data each month? 40 hours.

3. You lose leverage
Travel policies realize an 8% increase in negotiated rates when companies guarantee 100 rooms/year vs. 150 rooms/year.

4. It increases risk
60% of business travelers go untracked by their company when they book direct.

The secret to boosting your hotel attachment rate?

Q: So, what is the secret to boosting your hotel attachment rate?

A: Incentives!

And here is the proof: CWT offered travelers 1,000 bonus hotel loyalty points per eligible booking for two months.

Our result?

  • Hotel attachment increased 12% during the promotional period
  • Attachment grew another 3% after promotional period

Download the infographic or visit to learn more

CWT RoomIt loyalty booster infographic

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