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Employee spotlight: Libby Donald

How technology is empowering program management


Hear from Libby Donald to find out more about her experience in CWT’s customer management team for Energy, Resources and Marine in Asia Pacific, working with one of our biggest clients.

Tell us about your role

I used to work for one of our major oil and gas clients and I am based in Melbourne, Australia. I was responsible for ensuring that the nine countries we service in APAC meet our contractual obligations of our customer, deliver on our service level agreements, provide a consistently high level of customer satisfaction, and keep finances on track.

What makes a good customer manager?

Passion, honesty, integrity and doing what you say you will do. I am passionate about the industry I work in and the client I work with. Our client has diverse operations in APAC and we have been working on a huge project with them  that is very exciting to be a part of. I also try to put myself in the client’s shoes, to make sure that what we deliver to them will meet their expectations and their own objectives within their business.

What’s your approach to your job?

I work from home and I find that this really helps me to be able to focus on prioritizing my workload. I also try to have a lot of involvement within the CWT APAC client team. I like them to know that what they do counts and is integral to the overall customer program.

How are you helping CWT to achieve its strategy?

I worked with a client that used to be a follower and not a leader in this space. However, I think that the overall trust that has been built up within our entire global team that works with our client has changed this quite dramatically, and our client is now eager to pilot new initiatives. We rolled out hotel rate tracker in several countries worldwide, including Australia and Singapore in the APAC region. I had weekly calls with my regional client contact to discuss the latest technology and how this could potentially benefit them in this region.

Tell us something not many people know about you

Well, we sold our house in Melbourne and we moved to the beautiful Noosa Heads area on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. If you haven’t been there, you definitely need to check it out!


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