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Female trailblazers

2 CWT leaders share their experiences in the
energy, resources, and marine sectors



Integrating diverse worldviews is a significant business advantage that cultivates innovation and adaptability. At the end of the day, organizations are a reflection of society.

At CWT we are committed to fostering an environment that promotes diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities for all, regardless of our ethnic and cultural backgrounds, age, sexual orientation, disability or gender.

Nevertheless, when looking at a sector like Oil, Gas and Mining - women are poorly represented (22.7%), according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2023. We had a chat with some of the top executives at CWT Energy, Resources & Marine (ERM), CWT's specialized division, to gather their views on industries still very much dominated by men.

Danièle Gadbois, Vice President, Global Sales, leads the global ERM business development efforts after holding different executive roles within CWT’s Customers organization. She was awarded the GBTA Business Travel Professional Service Award.

Lucy Gibson, Traveler Experience Senior Director, oversees the counselor teams servicing ERM business globally. Once her two daughters were in school, she embarked on her management career, with one of the highlights being her involvement in Operational Excellence, earning her Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt certification.

Diversity in the workplace brings many benefits to a company. Are you seeing a positive evolution in the ERM industry with regards to women?

Danièle: Yes! We are seeing more and more women taking positions of leadership within the ERM client base. Diversity and inclusion are top of mind for many of our clients. Despite the strides that have been made, there are still many areas where women are under-represented in the industry.

LucyWhy do you believe it is important to have women in decision-making roles in this traditionally male-dominated industry?

Lucy: I believe that the right person for the job should be based on the ability to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Bypassing a woman just because of her gender puts companies at a great disadvantage as they could be passing up the best ‘man’ for the role.

Have you had any experiences that have shocked you or reminded you that while there’s been a lot of progress, there’s still a long way to go?

Danièle: I have often had personal experiences of being the only woman in the room in a prospective business meeting or, depending on the culture, have been dismissed or undervalued in discussions. I believe it is important, regardless of industry, to do your homework. Understand who you will be meeting with, what cultural practices they may observe, and be sensitive to those needs.

Any that have really encouraged you?

Lucy: Many of our top ERM clients have women heading up their global travel programs. This is very encouraging to me as it illustrates that, more and more, companies are choosing the people to lead their companies based on credentials, not gender.

CWT ERM women in ERMRenewables are the fastest-growing energy market and many industry sources affirm this is a field where women are gaining momentum. Do you agree?

Danièle: Yes, definitely! We are seeing more women in all sectors, from management to engineering to grassroots development be included as employees in the renewable space. Renewables are the future. Potentially because they are focused on tomorrow and are new and up and coming companies, their leaders have taken gender equity more seriously. There is still a way to go, but we are seeing progress quicker in this sector.

What’s the business case for gender diversity within certain areas of ERM?

Lucy: I feel that renewables represent a new era of ERM, one that is more open to equality and modernism. This sector is all about innovation and looking to the future where our daughters will not know the boundaries that our mothers did. In order for there to be true equality, women need to enter fields currently dominated by men. Even though more women are entering the ERM industry, they are traditionally doing it in HR, administration, accounting, or counselor roles. By encouraging non-traditional paths we will, in turn, see the equality scales even out.

What are, in your opinion, the main challenges women face to enter the industry?

Lucy: Credibility. Even though you do not see many women at senior levels within the industry, you see even fewer as roughnecks on an oil rig or as merchant seamen. This represents a challenge in articulating that you know their business without having walked a day in their shoes. Knowledge is key in these situations, proving that you have invested the time to understand their concerns, and providing effective solutions to their issues.

What can companies do to attract and retain women throughout their career?

Danièle: Offer policies to help support children and families. In order to advance in leadership in the ERM field, many companies require international experience. Companies who can make those international opportunities easier for women and families to achieve will ensure women can gain the experience they need to move forward within an organization.

Danièle GadboisSafety and security is always a concern in ERM travel, especially as many key markets or exploration hubs are located in volatile areas. What can companies do to address specific concerns for female travelers?

Danièle: Companies need to work with their risk management departments to ensure travel policies have sections built in specific to women’s safety. They can work with organizations such as GBTA to gain case studies and references from other companies who have done this. Also, many companies in the ERM space will work with third party safety and security companies who can help make recommendations to policy. The most important aspect is to think of women as a subsection of the traveling population and ensure the current travel policy addresses the security needs for all travelers – women included.

What would be your advice for women seeking careers in ERM?

Lucy: If this is a space you are interested in, hard work, networking, and knowledge are key. Learn about the roles that interest you, obtain the credentials you need to be taken seriously, and request to be taken on as an intern to gain experience.

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