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ERM Workforce Mobility





Save up to 15% on your travel spend

Reduce overall travel booking and processing times by up to 75%.

We recognize that the best solutions to complex workforce mobility processes come when people find ways to make things simpler, and use the right technology to get there.


Workforce mobility and remote site management in the energy, resources and marine industries has historically been a complex process



What is ERM mobility?

CWT Energy, Resources & Marine helps you close the gap between commercial and remote site trips by streamlining all travel and management processes in a single workflow.

Our integrated mobility platform combines our partnerships with workforce management systems and the right technology to provide a single, integrated system that simplifies the current complexities facing the Energy, Resource and Marine sector – and other sectors with complex travel and logistics.

The path to a seamless workflow

  1. Automates travel and logistics processes. We partner with third party workforce management software providers to give you with a fully-integrated, streamlined and simplified booking solution.
  2. Integrates all travel and logistics on a single touchpoint. Your logistics coordinators use a single touchpoint (their 3rd party or proprietary software systems) to access all aspects of transient and site travel management.
  3. Provides end-to-end visibility. Travel managers are provided with consolidated, accurate and real-time information on each traveler and their respective journeys.
  4. Provides full data access. Consolidating systems and simplifying complexities provides visibility and consistency in data used for financial reporting, workforce management and optimization.
  5. Offers a consumer grade travel booking experience. Almost half of all itineraries change at least once, so we keep things simple for your traveling employees. Booking data integrates with CWT’s back office system, providing traveling employees with a single itinerary for all commercial, charter and site logistics bookings.
  6. Ensures pain-free consolidation. Combining logistics and commercial travel operations introduces potential savings, increases the safety & security of your traveler, and reduces overall booking and processing times.

More automated & efficient



Lower unit cost



Simplified and consolidated reporting



Empowers travelers with a consumer grade experience


Encourages greater traveler compliance and safety


Improves responsiveness to urgent travel changes and requests


Optimizes asset use



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