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Working on remote:

Stay healthy, stay connected.

Over the past couple of months, homeworking has become the new norm for a large proportion of the global workforce. This has forced lifestyle changes so we stay productive and maintain a proper work-life balance.

Let’s face it, sometimes working on remote can be productive but an extended period of time can have a detrimental impact on our lives if not managed properly. A study in April by the Institute of Employment Studies (IES) found employees reported new aches and pains, particularly in the neck (58%), shoulder (56%), and back (55%) compared to their normal physical condition. Diet and exercise have also been impacted, with 20% of respondents drinking more and over half (60%) exercising less.

The study also found the mental health impacts of isolation, and a workforce dealing with lots of external concerns meant 50% were not happy with their current work-life balance, a third (33%) frequently feeling isolated and over a fifth (21%) worried about job security. This shows the challenges with remote working and the importance of sticking to active routines and staying connected.

Remember we are all in this together and over the past couple of months you have undoubtedly developed ways of working to ensure a healthy and productive lifestyle, but we have some extra tips to help you over the coming weeks:

1.     Stay connected with colleagues

Set up regular virtual catch-ups and ‘coffee chats’ to stay in touch and help bring some ‘normality’ to the new way of working.

2.     Virtual doctor

Using an online health service can provide access to a local doctor via video without the need to visit a local clinic or hospital.

3.     Stick to your routine 

After weeks of working from home, many of us will have a daily routine, which should include a clear schedule with fixed coffee and lunch breaks. And in many households there could be children taking part in virtual school lessons, so decide who works from which space, at what time, and when you can or can’t be disturbed.

4.     Break time

If allowed, get out of the house for some exercise or try an online home workout. It’s important to take breaks from your computer screen and keep to set times for lunch.

5.    Suit up

It can be tempting to stay in the same jogging pants for the whole day, but you will notice that getting dressed for work helps to change your mindset.

In the end, don't be too hard on yourself or others, everyone adjusts and reacts to new and exceptional situations in different ways.

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