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Consolidating travel with meetings and events

For the life sciences businesses

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One consistent experience

Consolidating travel with meetings and events programs is an increasingly common objective from our life sciences clients. The potential benefits are significant, especially considering that 45% of trips in this sector are for meetings and 60% of travel managers already look after the meetings program.

As well as one consistent experience, which can drive satisfaction and therefore adoption, anyone travelling on behalf of your organisation can expect to receive the same consistently high levels of compassionate and efficient service from our experienced teams. 

What our clients are saying

“The integration of our travel and meeting programs is critical to achieving our objectives around regulatory compliance and attendee satisfaction. When we partner with CWT, we meet those goals and optimize our strategic work with one team, one strategy and one delivery mechanism. I can’t imagine it any other way.”

~ Travel manager, global pharmaceutical organization

Benefits of consolidation


Cost savings

As a full-service agency CWT has been handling both the travel and meetings and events programs of life sciences organizations for more than 30 years. With projected savings of between 13-20%, it’s an efficiency that’s potentially worth millions; and it’s a completely scalable strategy too.

Committed to caring

CWT’s highly experienced teams deliver a consistent and stress-free experience for HCPs, employees and people attending clinical trials. This consistency drives an average of 4.8 out of 5 satisfaction ratings, leading to typical program adoption of 90%; better for travelers, travel managers and the business.

Clearer insights

By consolidating your contracts, you achieve far greater visibility, impact and control of your overall program. A big factor is consistent data across the board; satisfying regulator’s reporting requirements becomes much simpler. In addition, traveler tracking is a whole lot more reliable and vital in your industry.


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