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2020: The year in 5 of our most popular posts

December 29, 2020

Photo: Markus Winkler

This time last year concepts like 'social distancing' and 'lockdown' were unknown to most of us.  We had no idea that our daily existence - from meetings to weddings - would move almost entirely online or that 2020 would become a deeply challenging year for so many.

As vaccines begin to be administered around the world, there's hope. Before we charge ahead into greener pastures, here's a look back at the year that changed our lives and some of the most popular posts.

The Fabric of Business Travel: A message from Kurt Ekert

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in the moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – CWT’s CEO evokes Marin Luther King Jr. in a letter about the year that changed everything, and the route back to normalcy.

Lockdown Lingo: 7 words for a return to travel

From ‘coronacoaster’ (to describe the ups and downs of your mood during the pandemic) to ‘fattening the curve’ (eating too much during lockdown), 2020 wasn’t quite the ‘new normal’ but it was certainly the year for new words and phrases.

Ten top tips to tremendous telepresence

To mark the year we temporarily swapped face-to-face meetings for life through a laptop, Julian Walker, CWT's Head of External Market Communications and PR, explains the art of presenting on screen.

Laptop of Luxury: Why we all need to play a part in closing the digital divide

In lockdowns, connections with friends, health appointments, entertainment – almost every aspect of life moves online; so those who lack access to devices and networks face deeper impacts on learning and wellbeing.

Knowing the transformative power of tech, CWT’s technology team donated over 350 devices to children in underserved communities. John Pelant, CWT’s Chief Technology Officer, explains why working to close the digital divide now will determine our future.

Keep the Change: Will business travel evolve for the better?

From prioritizing duty of care to the importance we ascribe to human connection, will there be positive legacies from 2020?


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