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​3 ways to stay positive in uncertain times

March 05, 2020

Two armed robbers were arrested for stealing toilet paper in Hong Kong, Europe just experienced its hottest winter on record and the sight of people riding buses with plastic storage boxes on their heads is becoming the new normal. It’s easy to feel like we’re in uncharted territory without hearing it from the head of the WHO. With the state of the world in flux, how can we continue to find joy?

  1. We can make a difference

Without diminishing the gravity of international crises and the need for urgent action to tackle them, it helps to be aware that it’s not all doom and gloom and we have the power to make a difference.

When times are hard, people join forces. Volunteers from around the world knitted mittens for koalas harmed in the Australian wildfires. Wuhan’s citizens' sang songs from their apartment windows to boost morale during the quarantine. Hard times can bring out the best in us and encourage integrity and community.

  1. Follow reputable sources, and have the occasional news fast

Like many people’s relatives, my mother has a talent for disseminating videos from dubious sources. Viral fakes include the passing of celebrities and politicians who are alive and badly photo-shopped species that don’t exist. Unless black lions are a thing? If it’s on the internet it must be true, right?

We can't always be sure of what's real. We're more aware of news stories, particularly harrowing ones, thanks to social media. As author Ta-Nehisi Coates says, “The violence is not new; it’s the cameras that are new.” Instead of guzzling from the tap of tweets, follow a few trustworthy news outlets, unfollow social media accounts that distress you, and access health and travel advice from official sources such as WHO, International SOS, and IATA.  

  1. Book within your policy and stay connected

With daily changes to international travel likely to continue for the foreseeable, it’s critical that travelers book within their company’s policy. Stay connected by downloading an app from your travel management company like myCWT and follow guidance from your workplace.


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