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​6 questions to ask yourself about your travel program

March 05, 2019


By Brittney Adelman
Pursuit Marketing Manager, CWT

Photo: Ino Carolino

It's a couple of months into the New Year, a time when for many, January resolutions have started to fade. Why not revive your goal-setting spirit by bringing it into your travel program? 

One of the best ways to set new practices is to review and question your old ways. The questions below are for you - the travel manager - to ask yourself and advance your travelers, company and yourself. 

  1. Are you using your data to drive performance and for monetization?
    Data is only meaningful if you know how to decipher it. Using your TMC’s analytics tool(s) will show you where your travelers are spending the most and where you can save. 

  2. Are you monitoring hotel pricing while making sure traveler wellbeing is the priority?
    Business travelers travel for two main reasons: To satisfy corporate needs and their own personal goals. With Millennials starting to come into the workplace and baby boomers beginning to retire, there is a desire for Instagram-worthy hotels. Monitor LRA (last room availability) and NLRA (non-last room availability) to make sure your business travelers are safe and satisfied with their stay.

  3. Do your travelers feel safe and secure with your travel requirements without suppressing their wellbeing?
    Your travelers are your responsibility. If you don’t plan for their safety, security and medical needs before a crisis arises, the financial implications could be exorbitant. More importantly, the impact on business travelers could be significant. Giving travelers the freedom to know that they can contact their TMC 24-hours a day is crucial when it comes to their peace of mind.

  4. Have your travelers downloaded your TMC’s app and are they using the tools provided?
    Not to toot our own horn here but CWT has one of the best apps out there with myCWT. Plus the desktop version shows your travelers live updates and is aesthetically pleasing. Why not send out a link to all travelers to have them save your TMC’s site on their internet toolbar so they can get the most out of what your TMC is providing? 

  5. Are you saving your company money?
    Any amount of savings is great to report to upper management at any given time. Through your TMC’s integrated rate-tracking tools you can automatically save 1 – 2 % off your program costs each year. Get those savings in while making sure travelers are safe, satisfied and ready to wake up feeling refreshed for their next business meeting abroad.

  6. Are you in line with the times in terms of technology?
    In the fast-paced travel industry with its rapid pace of innovation and new ideas, it can be hard to distinguish what is worth your precious time and what should be passed by. Make sure only the best ideas make it to the top of your to-do list. Research exciting—but also vetted—new technologies to make yours and your travelers’ lives easier. 


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