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A Number’s Game: facts about ‘150’

February 23, 2022

Now that Tuesday, 2, 22, 2022  - a palindrome and ambigram double-whammy-  is behind us,  here’s another fact for unabashed number nerds: A 150th anniversary is called a ‘sesquicentenary.’

CWT turns 150 this year and with that, here are a few random facts about the number.

  • 150 is the Dunbar number, the number of people with whom humans are capable of maintaining meaningful relationships whether in hunter gatherer societies or from their social media circle, according to evolutionary anthropologist Robert Dunbar.
  • 150 is the number of traveller calls and emails answered in just under 5 minutes by CWT travel counsellors. A study of Americans and phone usage found that the average phone user will spend a month and a half on their phone in 2022.
  • 150 years ago, American suffragist Susan B. Anthony voted for the first time in defiance of the law. There’s still some way to go towards equal representation. Today, ten countries have a woman as Head of State according to UN Women.
  • 150 years from now it’s predicted that a human will have lived to over 150, which many scientific bodies believe to be the absolute limit.

Numbers can tell us a lot. They can tell us what we’ve achieved and how much there is still to do. They can tell us about trends in travel, your travel program and help shape future travel policy so it’s fit for purpose and emerging traveling employee needs. They can highlight glaring inequalities and motivate us to level up and innovate. Look out for more in our celebration of 150 years in travel throughout 2022.


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