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Always Alert –The importance of having the right information at your fingertips

October 25, 2018


By Narelle Smythe
Senior Manager, Global Services Marketing, CWT

If you are a certain age you might find the sight of commuters with their noses glued to their phones on the metro every morning, of people walking in the street like pinballs or your kids treating their smartphones like a precious limb, annoying.

Like it or not, mobile technology has changed our lives immensely but when it comes to travel, I believe it’s for the best.

If you are a Millennial, you might not know what I am talking about but not so long ago we used to travel with a set of printed documents like air tickets and hotel reservations. We needed to ask for directions and couldn’t use Google Translate to read signs and menus.

Nowadays, we can download our itinerary to our phone, check-in, book flights and hotels, and so much more.

The advantages of mobile technology are clear. As a frequent traveler I rely on our app, myCWT mobile, formerly known as CWT To Go.

As well as getting updates and alerts on travel itineraries or changing plans, the improved tool has just introduced a key feature: safety, security and medical advice based on booked itineraries.

According to research that we published last year, 46% of travelers were concerned about their safety and security while traveling. So this new improvement answers our clients’ needs and allows them to have the same experience no matter the way they use to interact with us, and something that is far more important: they can have this vital information at their fingertips without needing to fire up their laptops. They are covered every step of the journey.

We live in uncertain times and, in the past few years, we have witnessed some horrible attacks in places we thought were safe. Now, our phone can be our guardian angel and make us aware of key events that might affect our trip, pose health threats, or increase our safety and security risks.

It can also help us to monitor relevant situations, such as severe weather, transportation strikes and epidemics. All this information will help us to be better prepared to manage or avoid potential trip disruptions.

With all of this, you might be converted and even fall in love with your phone like Joaquin Phoenix with Samantha in Her.


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