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'Cannes' we do it? Yes we can!

December 01, 2021


By Nicole Bos
Global Customer Marketing Manager CWT

The days and weeks leading up to an event can sometimes be a little stressful. Even though everything has been planned down to the last detail, you always have to be prepared for the unexpected. Last-minute hiccups are almost inevitable. But what do you do when a hiccup almost becomes a catastrophe and a large-scale event organized abroad cannot take place due to COVID regulations and measures in place?

The CWT Meetings & Events team in France recently faced this challenge. When all was prepared and arranged for an event for client Koesio, restrictions were tightened and traveling abroad was no longer allowed, only 20 days before the kick off. The original event plan was to have all 2,000 employees from all over France travel to Marrakesh for the weekend to celebrate the launch of their new brand identity on Saturday evening followed by an all-night party in the desert.

After the initial disappointment, Koesio expressed that they still wanted the event to take place and requested an alternative program in France itself. The CWT Meetings & Events team was happy to take on this challenge and committed themselves fully to meet the client’s request. Together with the client we worked as one unique team and put our creativity, flexibility and professionalism in place to come up with an extraordinary and worthy alternative.

France is known for its beautiful locations and venues and nothing captures the glitz and glamour like the mythical setting of Cannes, with exceptional sunny beaches, a varied range of quality hotels and excellent restaurants - so ideally suited to host an event on that scale. The new destination selected, and arrangements made for travel to Cannes, there was great relief and joy that the event would go ahead and attendees able to reconnect in person.

It took 7 charter flights, 36 coaches, 32 hotels near the Palais des Festivals, and 18 tour leaders to guide all participants to the designated location. Over 2,000 employees were treated to a variety of festivities in glamorous Cannes, from a plenary session on the famous stage of the Cannes Festival to reveal the new brand name and a sunset beach party, to a performance by the famous band Black Eyed Peas.

What an adventure it was! Keeping calm during the ultimate cancellation and remaining 100% efficient planning the event in France, while keeping the same high standards working together with the client and suppliers. It proves that anything is possible.

It was a fantastic and very successful weekend that will be remembered for a very long time.


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