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CWT becomes the first travel management company to reach 200k followers on LinkedIn

February 08, 2022

As CWT celebrates its 150th year – tracing its heritage back to 1872 and the introduction of the first sleeper car to European railways – and its part in making travel more accessible to millions of people, here we celebrate the achievement of being the first travel management company  to surpass 200,000 followers on LinkedIn, a professional social media network that makes companies and their employees more accessible.

Social media and sites like LinkedIn have made it simpler and faster to inform audiences and provide access to communities for two-way communication direct with clients, prospects, current and potential employees, and a whole host of other stakeholders who have an interest in keeping up with what’s happening in an organization. They enable a mechanism for qualitative feedback and an ‘always on’ means of contacting companies. But success and milestones don’t come by luck. It is down to a dedicated team of 12,000 CWT people who make the company a success, including the 200 or so CWT Social Media Ambassadors who help generate a buzz about CWT and the industry, and a small communications team to finesse messages so they’re suitable for this key network and audience.

At CWT, we embrace LinkedIn as a key communications tool for the clear benefits it offers. As well as sharing what’s going on at the company, we can use it to attract and find great talent to join our teams, reach people far beyond any geographic boundary and engage and celebrate innovative partnerships like the ones recently announced with ZYTLYN Technologies and Tracker Software Technologies that assist and simplify travel for our client’s travelers. We can celebrate and recognize the achievements of our people and give them deserved kudos. And we can simply enjoy the fact that travel is back after a lengthy hiatus. 

So, while social media often gets a bad press, it is there to be used as a tool in your armoury, and what a useful tool that can prove to be.

Here’s to many more milestones for CWT, and if you’ aren’t following already, head to our page on LinkedIn and hit that follow button.


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