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Fly Zone: What we learned from creating a podcast

January 21, 2020

It’s launch week for Business Travel On The Fly, the monthly podcast that dives into issues affecting those of us who spend time up in the air, out of the office, and away from home on work trips.

Business travel and the world of work are changing fast. We set out to create a show that supports travelers through unique opportunities and challenges in a format they can access, well, on the fly.

Taking off on the 20th of each month, each episode speaks to industry topics and issues, tackling a hot topic with a guest interview. We had a lot of fun creating our launch editions. Here’s what we learned.

  1. Experience beats theory
    When it comes to business travel, the people who know best are the ones who live it. For the Travel Tips segment, we ask frequent travelers all over the world to give us their best travel hacks. From how to use social media in lieu of loyalty status to getting by when you don’t speak the local language, we’re officially inspired by our peers. Next time you’re on a plane, put down your phone and chat to a fellow passenger.

  2. For intel, ask a cab driver
    Whether it’s an analysis of local politics or street-food tips, every traveler knows that taxi and ridesharing drivers are the eye and ears of a city. That’s why our episodes include a Taxi Talk segment. Turns out, many drivers are keen behavioral scientists too.

    In episode #1 Julie, a driver in Minneapolis weighs in on how different generations interact with their phones: “I don’t think I’ve ever had a 60-year-old person get in my car and just start to text.”

    We’re not saying to scrap your market research. But for anecdotal evidence, check the front seat.

  3. Technology is changing everything
    Of course, we know this one. However, our launch episodes with host Christine Kashkari and featuring Tel-Aviv based A.I specialist Ziv Baum and Eric Magnuson, VP of Air Distribution Capabilities at CWT, show us the extent of innovation in the business travel space today, “Technology disruption is creating a situation where you're going to see a lot of new things,” says Eric. 

Look for Business Travel On The Fly on channels including SpotifyStitcher, and Buzzsprout.


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