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​Future Ready: Three Cs of managing travel in 2020

December 06, 2019

Air, hotel and ground predictions for 2020 come with global uncertainties. Between the climate crisis, Brexit and trading disputes, the outlook is foggy to say the least. But challenges, they say, aren’t stop signs. They are guidelines. Here are three Cs to consider when managing travel in 2020.

  1. Choice – Travelers are more likely to book their flights, hotels and ground transportation in your preferred channels if you offer them the kind of options they would find elsewhere. Include options such as ride-hailing and “sharing economy” accommodation providers in your travel program.

  2. Communication – In uncertain times, it’s critical to keep channels open. Update your travelers on geopolitical events that might affect their travel plans, including practical information, such as changes in passport or other entry requirements. Ensure they’ve downloaded an app that corresponds to your program and updates them regularly, like myCWT

  3. Clarity – “It’s critical buyers have the whole picture view of their travel program,” says CWT's Richard Johnson, Senior Director Solutions Group EMEA, “This means you need consistent, consolidated data, which is captured through the right booking channels or multiple channels.”

Advances in data analysis help prepare travel managers for sudden change, helping them to improve the efficiency of their program and offer a better service to the travelers by understanding detailed patterns.

2020 is set to be an interesting year for anybody managing travel. Whether the ride proves to be smooth or bumpier than anticipated, there are ways to prepare and even opportunities in this most uncertain of global outlooks.

For detailed insight and analysis, download the 2020 Global Travel Forecast.


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