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​Good Migrations: 3 ways to be a more sustainable business traveler

September 13, 2019


By Emma Woodhouse
Global Corporate Communications, CWT

As highlighted in our 2020 Global Travel Forecast, geopolitical and environmental issues have made predictions for travel trends volatile.

Amidst issues like Brexit, a rise in natural disasters fueled by climate change and increased political turmoil, it’s easy to feel helpless in uncertain times. However, face-to-face contact is an essential part of business. Make it a personal goal to be a more sustainable traveler and you can part of the solution rather than the problem. Here are three ways to be a responsible business traveler.

  1. Progressive policies - Ask your company to review its travel program.“A lot of companies include more generic travel policy statements and instructions about environmental travel, while some clients even steer employees towards more earth-friendly alternatives,” says Chris Bowen, Managing Director EMEA, “examples of this might include, changing from flights to trains, stating a certain kilometer or time limit, under which you cannot fly, or encouraging travelers to suppliers which are using modern and fuel-efficient fleets”    

    Ask your company to work with a travel manage company to optimize travel. They could select a location which creates fewer emissions, choose hotels that have an established environmental program or select more vegetarian food over meat..
  1. Leave no trace - Bring reusable shopping bags and coffee mugs, drink filtered or tap water where safe and only ask for towels and sheets at your hotel to be changed, when absolutely necessary. Also, consider the supply chain, "three specific examples immediately come to mind," says Chris Bowen, "the introduction of soap and shampoo dispensers by many hotel chains, replacing individual plastic bottles and transportation being provided in hybrid, or electric cars."

  2. Money where your mouth is – If you have downtime seek experiences with a social purpose such as London Unseen, which conducts tours with the homeless or Courageous Kitchen in Bangkok, a social enterprise cooking school. When shopping for souvenirs, buy local products and services that favour ethical suppliers and support local workers.

Find out how to manage your travel in uncertain times in our 2020 Global Travel Forecast.


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