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Invest in technology today to empower business travel tomorrow

February 16, 2023


By Jack Griffiths
Global Social Media Manager

Predicting the future is something that many have claimed the ability to do, but few have ever actually mastered the art. In days gone by, the stars, various omens, and even remnants of a cuppa have all been used to try and dispel the mist of what lies ahead. 

In today’s world, however, we have a rather accurate predictor:  technology. This isn’t science fiction or the news that Skynet has finally arrived, but rather an educated guess based on the technology that is being invested in today. The most recent episode of Business Travel on The Fly podcast How to spot the signposts of change in business travel highlighted that the business travel industry is about to undergo an unprecedented level of change. 

To meet this change, and prepare ourselves and our travellers in the process, we have turned to technology. “Last year alone, CWT focused on delivering industry leading sustainability solutions to customers, including real time carbon footprint indicators, on-trip connectivity, traveller tracking systems alongside tons of other platform improvements” says Darcy Roessler, Sr. Director Product Operations, Product & Technology, CWT. 

These offerings have all been possible through the myCWT platform with the help of smart technologies like AI, but this is only the beginning. Moving forward, investments will also be channelled toward customer business priorities like sustainability, traveller well-being, and inclusivity, enabling a more values-based approach to travel program management. 

At the end of the day, it boils down to providing the best user experience possible, that goes beyond simply facilitating travel, but making business travel meaningful and personal too. Our relationship with technology is more intimate than ever before, and as a result, customers are expecting their experience with technology to match – whether it’s with their TMC, ordering fast food, or in their homes. “By continuing to simplify the user experience, maintaining program compliance, and ensuring the lowest possible fares regardless of integrations in the back office (GDS, direct to supplier) to book travel.” Darcy continues. 

The last few years have shown us change is not only unavoidable but is often the great disruptor that most start-ups can only dream to emulate. With a customer focus and technology, however, change can be managed. Thanks to things like AI-backed personalisation, you can empower customers to stay in control of how they make and manage their bookings through devices, allowing them to navigate whatever changes may come – provided these are underpinned by the support of a customer-centric TMC. 

If you want to navigate change pack up your tarot cards, put away your star charts and cover your crystal balls. Instead look to technology and listen to your customers. Our continued investment in technology that serves our customers is, we believe, the best way to prepare ourselves and our customers for the future.