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Is the ECO approach nominated in BTN Europe’s 2021 Hotlist part of a movement to reshape travel?

January 14, 2021


By Richard Johnson
Senior Director, CWT Solutions Group

The BTN Hotlist is the annual rundown of the people, products, trends, and developments shaping the business travel industry. Close to 200 nominations were received this year to determine who's driving change, which companies or products are turning heads, and what travel trends are going to punctuate the year ahead.

We are thrilled that the ECO approach to travel management was selected amongst the top 20 people, products, and trends that will shape the industry in 2021.

CWT's responsible travel consulting, ECO approach is designed to help companies look beyond compliance and cost management and build more balanced travel programs. Using the ECO framework – short for Employee Wellbeing, Climate Impact and Organizational Performance – CWT Solutions Group guides organizations in designing travel programs that advance their triple bottom line. With this approach, business travel becomes an avenue through which companies can simultaneously create an engaged and motivated workforce, reduce their environmental impact, and manage costs more effectively.

As business travel journalist Rob Gill says: "Travel management is only going to become more complicated but the wellbeing of employees and sustainability, alongside travel program performance, are unlikely to be shifted from the top of an organization’s list of top priorities post-Covid. CWT’s ECO framework creates a practical roadmap allowing clients to find the ‘sweet spot’ between what can be competing objectives. Responsible travel has never been more important and initiatives to help corporates navigate through this tricky process will be paramount.”

Amongst the 20 nominations selected in the Hotlist, four are directly related to sustainability in business travel, confirming that sustainability and responsible travel will truly punctuate the year and gain further traction in 2021.

Sustainability considerations will be in the spotlight in a post-covid world and measuring carbon footprint will become a standard reporting in future travel programs. As measuring true climate impact is complex, CWT Solutions Group partnered with Atmosfair, an independent non-profit organization that works to mitigate climate change. Atmosfair provides an advanced CO2 emissions calculations methodology considered as best-in-class standard for emissions accounting in business travel.

A responsible approach to travel is the only approach to travel. The world is changing, our companies are evolving, and the way we define success in business travel needs to move with the times. A transformation to a responsible approach to travel will be one of the most rewarding changes you can make to your program.

Every journey starts with a single step. Check out our 5 step approach to building a responsible travel program to take the first step in your responsible Travel journey.


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