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Meet Cristina Scott, Head of CWT Financial Services

November 05, 2021

Cristina Scott joins CWT as Head of Financial Services. She is quite familiar with the business travel industry as she worked 24 years for Sabre in different commercial management and sales operations roles.

We talk with Cristina about her new role, her passion for contributing to anti-human trafficking initiatives and the importance of being an integral member of your team.

What will be your first focus in your new role at CWT?

Given the recent exciting news about CWT’s proposed restructuring, and subsequent potential for investment  into our tech stack, I  want to insure that the clients in our Financial Services vertical feel comfortable and encouraged by CWT’s future plans and  true potential. Our myCWT platform will soon be taking leaps forward and our ability to service this customer segment will be greatly enhanced because of it. I am looking forward to building strong, new client relationships and partnering with them to position them for success with their managed travel programs.

What accomplishment are you most proud of in your career?

I have been humbled and honored to work on anti-human trafficking initiatives for most of my working life. Throughout my career I have tried to focus on the people and the places where I work, as much as the professional work I do every day. Whenever I meet my team members in person I always try to engage in volunteer work together and also motivate them to take the time to do volunteer work on their own. For me, the most meaningful thing I’ve done is to contribute to anti-human trafficking efforts wherever possible. At my previous employer I was part of a small team that ended up creating the company’s signature corporate responsibility program in anti-human trafficking. I’m thrilled to be part of the team working on similar initiatives now at CWT.

What do you like to do to relax after a busy working day/week?

Recently I joined a masters rowing team in Virginia, my home state. We practice several times a week and have races during the fall. It is a beautiful way to connect with friends, get exercise, and enjoy the beautiful Occoquan river during all of the changing seasons. In addition, I enjoy dinner dates, kayaking, exploring Washington DC and the surrounding areas – especially the vineyards – and spending time with my daughter, my friends, my dogs and my family.  

Could you share particular lessons learnt that have had great impact on the course of your career path and why?

My modus operandi is to always move forward and get as many things done as quickly as possible. Over my career, I have learned that patience is also a good quality to employ, especially when dealing with difficult decisions, strategic imperatives, or change management. It is obvious that in certain situations it is better to take a slower pace and provide the time necessary to percolate thoughts before making a final decision. I am still learning this lesson!

From a team perspective, I have watched my teams grow and thrive when I am an integral part of the team. My aspiration is to lead by example, but also be an active team player on whatever initiatives are being worked. If the work needs to get done, we all need to pitch in – the leader included. That dynamic builds trust, confidence, and a sense of community to push things forward together.  

What advise would you give corporates looking out for a new TMC?

The first thing I would encourage them to think about is the specific reason why they are looking for a new TMC; what are they trying to accomplish? Is it purely an adherence to travel policy? Or is it about the end consumer (employee) satisfaction as well?  End-user satisfaction leads to policy compliance, which meets both objectives. Of course, with CWT’s B2B4E commitment, we take the B2B philosophy that one step further and include 4E (for employees) in everything we do. We’ve taken the best in consumer-grade tools and technology, coupled with our extraordinary CWT counselors and integrated in our clients’ business goals and policies to create something different, something better - an employee grade experience. I’d say if a corporation is looking for a new TMC – look no further than CWT.


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