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​Mission Possible: 5 ways to prepare for an important work trip

November 14, 2019

Next week, from 19 -  21 November, companies from around the world will gather in Munich at Europe’s largest business travel event.

The GBTA Conference 2019 is an opportunity for organizations to showcase their latest products and services, share their insights, and get in touch with colleagues, suppliers, clients, and prospects. 

CWT will be there (you can visit us at booth #50) with an agenda packed with educational sessions aimed at contributing to the advancement of our industry.

It's thrilling to attend events like this, but there are some aspects you need to plan for to avoid last-minute surprises and beat Murphy’s Law. Let me share with you five tips that work for me.

  1. Contact details -  You had an appointment with someone, but you got caught up with something important and you want to let her know you will be late or want to reschedule. When you try to call her, you discover that you don't have her number… Sound familiar? Things like that happen.

    Sometimes we forget to save contact details. Make sure you have everyone on speed dial for your event. That includes new contacts and people in your organization. You might need to reach out to a colleague to ask for help.

  2. Always plugged-in - Your phone is your best friend, so make sure it is fully loaded for the show and bring a charger or an extra battery just in case. You never know. And check what plugs they use to make sure you bring an adaptor, in case they are different from the ones you use at home.

  3. Wi-Fi on - You should be able to access excellent Wi-Fi at the event, but let’s say for some reason it is not working when you most need it. No panic here. Your smartphone can be an excellent router for emergencies. Make sure you know how to tether it before leaving the safe-haven of your office.

  4. Sing little bird, sing - Help your company with social media around the event. Make sure you download your social media apps to your phone so you are ready to share what’s going on. Investigate what tags the event is using and ask your social media manager what tags your company is using.

  5. An extra tip for event rookies - Show your feet some love. If this is your first rodeo, don’t get carried away by vanity. We all love our fancy shoes but remember, you'll be standing and rushing around all day. After a day or two, your feet can swell. I still remember a World Travel Market in my killer heels. It's not a fond memory, let me tell you. And I was really young back then. The same rules apply to your outfit. 


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