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One Is the Loneliest Number: How to batch your trips

August 11, 2022

'Many great things come as a batch. Cookies. Dinners for a busy week ahead.' Benedict Cumberbatch.

Now a growing number of business travelers are booking several trips in one region known as ‘trip batching.’

The strategy is recommended in the 2023 CWT GBTA Global Business Travel Forecast released this week, as a way to mitigate against rising airfares, hotel rates and care hire, predicted to rise 8.4%, 8.2% and 6.8% respectively in 2023.

Rather than booking individual return trips, trip batching involves choosing a region and booking multiple trips in the area at once. 

The idea replaces trip stacking which became a trend at the height of the pandemic and involved booking multiple trips to get a chance to travel even when borders closed or new travel policies were introduced. Trip stacking effectively leverages flexible cancellation policies to make for Plan A and Plan B scenarios.

Become an expert trip batcher by booking ahead, traveling smart and staying flexible.

Book ahead - Book as early as possible to help ensure availability. Consider using apps like myCWT to book flights, hotel and ground transport at the same time to keep everything in one place and make it easier to stick to your travel program parameters.

Travel smart -   “Many are expecting that with costs going up people will travel less,” says Richard Johnson, Senior Director CWT Solutions Group, “I don’t think that’s the case. There is more likely to be a smarter use of travel budgets and a focus on not only the financial aspects of travel but how it balances against ESG goals and sustainability. Some companies will travel less but better.”

For some, that means combining business and leisure, a phenomenon that was already on the ascent before the pandemic, rising 60% between 2016 and 2018, according to travel platform Expedia Group. “Bleisure” trips are expected to explode as a result of remote and hybrid working and concern about impact on the planet.

Stay flexible – The reality of travel may not be as stark as requiring a plan A and plan B in case of a sudden lockdown but labour shortages, geopolitical risks and changing availability may still cause uncertainty in the short to medium term. Whether it's rail transport or researching flexible and alternative travel options, it’s prudent to stay agile. Additionally, download the myCWT app and ensure that your travel profile, payment card details and passport expiry dates are up-to-date.

To build, budget and understand future trends in air, hotel and ground travel read the 2023 CWT GBTA Global Business Travel Forecast.


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