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Pack it Up, Pack it in - 7 steps to loading luggage like a pro

August 31, 2018

Leader of the pack: There's an art to packing smart

In the midst of the storm unleashed by Ryanair’s new luggage policy axing free carry-on luggage -  and taking into account that business class tickets aren't doled out as easily as in the past -  here's a few tips that will allow you to pack for success while sticking to your airlines’ baggage regulations.

1. Less Is More -  They say an excellent rule of thumb is to travel with twice the amount of money you think you need and half the clothes. You don't need a dozen pairs of shoes. Think carefully about what you will be wearing for each meeting and event.  A good tip here is to pack a capsule wardrobe or similar color palette to create different outfits. And avoid the ‘what if’ mindset - even if you're a proponent of Murphy’s Law. When it comes to shoes, invest in a pair that are both comfortable and sleek enough for a business do. 

2. Don't go crazy with the toiletries -  You're not a make-up artist. Maybe you are, in which case, skip this one. It's likely that your hotel will provide almost everything you need. And remember the last time you had to relinquish your expensive moisturizer at security because you forgot you had it on you? Get samples of your favorite products or buy small travel containers to store them.

3. Carry your most important outfit as hand-luggage. If you're going to a gala dinner to collect an award, or delivering a presentation worth millions, carry one outfit as hand luggage. That way, if they lose your luggage, you don't have to contemplate representing your company in slippers.

4. Learn to fold Marie Kondo style. A little packing origami will allow you to pack more things in a single bag, saving you the hassle at check- in. 

5. Wear your bulkier clothes on the plane - Not only will it give you extra room in your suitcase but you're more likely to score the armrest from the person next to you, on account of being layered up like the Michelin Man - and therefore requiring more space. 

6. Get your version of ‘la petite robe noire’. Next time you go shopping, buy versatile clothes that can be worn in an informal setting as well as more formal occasions by adding a few chic accessories. You can never go wrong with high-quality natural fabrics like linen, cashmere and silk, with minimalist silhouettes.

7. Buy the right suitcase. Go for a case that has maximum inside space and looks professional. You don't want to walk into your client’s office carrying a neon trolley with a broken wheel. Plus, buy cheap, twice. 


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