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State of Play – The future of travel in 3 episodes

April 30, 2021

After the immense challenges that plagued the travel industry in 2020 and a first quarter of 2021 that saw pockets of growth and vaccine successes, we still need to map a way forward and navigate this brave new world. With that in mind, we look to a few of our recent experts and podcast guests on CWT’s Business Travel on The Fly for insight on enduring trends.

  1. Data will be critical

    The pandemic demanded a whole new layer of real-time data be added to the way companies manage the health and safety of their employees, and now there’s the added dynamic of health data which will remain a big focus for years.

    Travel Management Companies will need to work with clients to strike the right balance between traveler personal safety and personal privacy while industries and governments will need to work together on a common set of standards for processing digital health data and giving travelers control and clarity about how their data is being used. – Michelle McKinney-Frymire, CEO, CWT

  2. Selective attendance

    The increase in selectivity will decrease the volume of flights taken by delegates and perhaps even give rise to the dawn of slow travel, In short, meeting attendees will become more selective and planners will have to prove the value of events in order to attract physical audiences while ensuring the online offering. – Hannah Brandler, winner of the Business Travel Journalism Awards 2020.

  3. Content is king

    For hosts of hybrid and virtual meetings, there are so many factors to consider but the importance of content cannot be overstated when it comes to engaging audiences of virtual and hybrid events.- Caleb Conrad, Manager, Client Success Team, CVENT

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