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Taking the strain out of travel: 12 thoughts on traveler wellbeing

May 13, 2022


By Julian Walker
Head of External Market Communications and PR, CWT

Traditionally travel and events are seen as a positive way to maintain mental balance with stimulation from meeting people, seeing new places, and experiencing new things, all having a positive impact on our general well-being. Mountains of research suggests that regular social interaction is one of the strongest predictors of happiness. Add to that the potential for contemplative downtime when actually travelling, and improvements in handling time zone changes, a refreshing experience should await.

Yet, as we emerge from the past two years of travel inertia, we find a changed world, with inconsistent border entry requirements, uncertainty over rapidly changing regulations, differing provider/accommodation protocols, and a potential nervousness from being in a strange place after such a long period of home life – any of which could be seen to unsettle our travel karma and wellbeing.

So, here are my top 2 main reasons why I believe travel remains just-the-tonic for wellbeing, and 10 travel tips (or travel hacks – as modern parlance dictates) to help relieve any potential stress from your travel and event experience:  

2 reasons to travel

  1. Engaging with different cultures helps you increase empathy towards others, improve tolerance levels, and reduce bias (whether conscious or unconscious).
  2. A one-hour, face-to-face meeting can replace 20 emails, 10 phone calls, or 5 video conferences.

10 travel hacks

  1. A thorough checklist will make everything else seem just a little less stressful
  2. Use your travel time to relax and mentally prepare for your meetings
  3. Pack essential toiletries rather than buy them enroute
  4. Whenever possible opt for cabin baggage rather than checking it in
  5. Make the most of hotel facilities to help acclimatize your body
  6. Plan for time differences you fly to avoid meeting tiredness and focus wavering
  7. Always take a bit of cash for emergencies
  8. Have your travel documents backed up somewhere easy to access
  9. Be courteous to others – you may have your own focus, but you have no idea what others may be experiencing
  10. Ensure you have any and all emergency support contacts easily accessible – for added peace of mind

As my father used to say to me whenever I went off on any travel trip: “Travel safe. Travel well.”


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