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The Blog Log: Our top five posts of 2019

December 31, 2019

2019: The year that kept us glued to our screens for news of trade wars, Brexit and climate change. It was also the year that gave us incredible breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of Things, making our experience of business travel easier, more enjoyable and, hopefully, productive.

As business travel evolves, innovations emerge and the world of work continues to change faster than we upgrade our smartphones,  over the past twelve months we’ve striven to inform, advise and enlighten traveling employees and travel managers.

We published 113 blogs (including this one) this year on topics ranging from predictive analytics to the great hotel breakfast conundrum. So, without further ado, here are top five most popular blogs of 2019 and what we learned from their popularity:

  1. It was a big year for hotel sourcing
    Some companies made headlines by declaring traditional sourcing models dead. Travel buyers in the thick of RFP – or bidding – season weren’t all convinced. We delved into what will change and what will stay the same in: Hotel Sourcing in 2020: What’s really changing?

  2. We’re looking for better balance
    CWT research revealed that 22% of frequent business travelers believe their business travel commitments erode the quality of their relationships and home life. We are juggling more than ever, and frequent travel –with its propensity to throw delicate routines into disarray – is ripe for disharmony if not handled with care. Readers wanted to know how to do just that in: Home and Away – Three ways to make business travel easier on your family

  3. Health is our top priority
    Our research shows that awareness among business travelers of maintaining healthy habits is growing momentum. The popularity of this post proves the same: Fit for Work: Can you stay healthy on a business trip?

  4. Happiness matters
    It is clear that delivering a great traveler experience will become a key factor in attracting, engaging and retaining employees in the future. But, how can you evolve your travel program to better meet your traveler's expectations? Perks of the Job: 7 ways to boost employee satisfaction

  5. It’s time to shift our focus
    Travelers are more than just travelers: they are employees. And while on the road, they need to be productive, engaged, and looked after. This post on our new proposition gained momentum in 2019 as companies understand the return on investment in putting their people at the core of their travel program: B2B or B2B4E - That is the question

In 2020, we wish all of our readers business trips and events that bring new connections and projects to make the world a better place. We’ll join you on your travels with regular blog content to keep you informed, inspired and entertained. Watch this space, and do please let us know what you want to know from our experts, in the comments below and on our social channels – blogging is, after all, nothing without you and your engagement.

Farewell old decade and Happy New Year one and all, with our best wishes for 2020 and beyond.


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