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The Life of an Idea

May 26, 2022


By Jean-Philippe Dumas
Senior Creative Director of CWT Meetings & Events

When it comes to ideas, there are the good, the bad, and the ugly. An idea though, is a very special thing. It can be short lived, or it can carry greater ambitions.

In any case, an idea should never leave you indifferent.

Here at CWT Meetings & Events, we like ideas. Beautiful ideas, those that make you move forward, those that invoke emotion, ideas of success, and everything in between.

The thing with ideas though is that they are only as good as the action that follows. Those that can take an idea and bring it to life are the people who will experience the most success. After all, hundreds of people may have an idea of a teenager attending wizard school during a long train journey – but only one person took the time to write it.

As Creative Director of CWT Meetings & Events, my team and I spend our days cultivating ideas and bringing them to life with action and visibility around all the media channels. This has given me an insight into the life of an idea, and how a single thought can grow into a large-scale event production.

Spirit and culture of the client

Having an idea is great, but you need to make it your own. Therefore, the first thing we do for our clients is to understand the spirit of their company. What are their values, goals, and culture?

This way, we can ensure that the experience we create from an idea is unique and fulfilling what you need. This leads into the why of your idea. Why do you want to run this event? What is the message that you want to convey to your attendees? What experience do you want to create?

In answering these questions and more, we can create the idea that leads into the next stage of the process.

Creating your message through the graphic environment

With a clear picture of this idea, we begin to fuel it with messaging created through the various creative assets we generate. Along with sales, production, and strategic teams, we brainstorm how to convey your idea throughout your event through design and create the concepts that begin the creative process.

Media, formats, production

This is where we determine what media and assets will be best for you. Be it simple graphics, customized garments and take-home items, layouts for a congress booth stall or even VR immersive experiences. These assets are designed and created with your objectives, message and audience in mind.

Bringing the idea to life on D-Day

On the day of your event, this is where you will see your message come to life through our work. Through the mix of technology and human skills, your attendees will experience your message in the graphic environment we have created for you.

Your idea lives on

The emotions felt, experiences had, and memories created are how your memories live on through your attendees who will look back on it fondly for years to come. This is how we measure, among other indicators, the success of an event…

And this is here the most emotional way to guarantee memories and engagement.

Without any doubt!


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