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​The Mary Poppins Way – Are you ready to fly?

July 25, 2019

When it comes to packing, I’ve always wanted to be like Mary Poppins. How cool would it be to be able to get away with a small carry-on bag containing all the items in the world?

The joys of a bag like this... Imagine being able to take everything with you without the hassle of carrying a fully loaded suitcase.

The truth is, the older I get, the lighter I travel. It’s bad enough to carry a laptop and a purse. But I sometimes worry I have not packed enough clothes, and when you go on a business trip, there is no room for mistakes. You want to get your outfits right.

So, how far in advance do you pack?

According to a survey we commissioned, 61% of business travelers worldwide pack the day before (that’s me), a fearless 10% pack the same day (I have done it, but never for business trips), and – pay attention here – 30% have a pre-packed bag and are always ready to go! Really? This was such a revelation for me! Before seeing the survey, that option hadn’t even crossed my mind.

Live and learn.

When it comes to the regions, Asia Pacific business travelers are the most organized ones: 36% of them have a bag ready to go, followed by Europeans (26%) and Americans (24%).

Despite this third position, a closer look at the figures reveals that there is a country in the New World that, at 48%, ranks first worldwide tied with Japan: Brazil. Mexico at 26% and Argentina at 25% followed by the US (19%) and Canada (18%).

In Europe, the most organized countries are not the usual suspects either (a good reminder to fight unconscious bias). Belgium at 39%, Spain at 32%, and the Netherlands at 26% are above average. Italy is at 25%, France at 24%, Germany at 23%, and the UK at 19%, with Sweden at 17% at the end of the list.

World champion Japan is closely followed by China at 45%, putting Asia Pacific in first position. Indians (30%), Australians (30%) and Singaporeans (26%) on the other hand have a much more relaxed approach to packing.

What about you, like Rozalla use to say: “Are you ready to fly?”


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