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Time after Time: 3 ways to work smarter

March 05, 2021


By Emma Woodhouse
Global Corporate Communications, CWT

Photo: Morgan Housel

Back in 2020, we ran a study exploring global business travelers’ habits and preferences. 21% of global travelers ranked ‘having the bed to myself' and 23% ranked ‘not having to cook my own meals’ the aspects of business travel that they loved the most. Fast-forward a year and our recent survey polling 186,000 of CWT’s LinkedIn community found a whopping 58% have their passport at the ready and are eager to travel.

Is it any surprise that after a year of extraordinary circumstances, the idea of a hotel bed in an interesting foreign locale and a lovely restaurant meal sounds like a vision of utopia?

Meanwhile, some staff of companies in countries including the US, UK, and Canada are logging on an average of two hours longer. There’s a little while to go before life feels more balanced for millions around the world. In the meantime, take a look at these three hacks to make working from home easier.

1. Try the Pomodoro technique Not a tomato-based sauce, just a great productivity trick developed in the 80’s and tried and tested by many, this method is based on splitting your tasks up and assigning each of them a 25-minute time slot. Set yourself a timer and concentrate solely on one task. After 25 minutes is done, have a short break. This is a great way to split your tasks down into manageable chunks and eliminate distractions.

2. Manage your inbox Inbox zero may be too lofty an ambition in these strange times but it’s true that if you don’t control your inbox, it will control you. Prioritizing and flagging emails that require action, setting aside time blocks throughout the day for checking email, and creating templates for your go-to responses are a few ways to feel less overwhelmed. 

Certain responses can save time such as “it would be easier to discuss this in person,” or “when can I expect an update please?” in place of “just checking in."

3. Use the right tools So much time can be wasted typing up meeting minutes, capturing to-dos or researching for that first business trip after lockdown (shout-out to the ‘passport at the ready’ posse). 

Instead of writing notes yourself, record them and use a transcription service. There are also great task capture tools such as bullet journaling, WebEx teams, Basecamp, and Evernote. 

And if you’re planning your next business trip, check for up-to-date restrictions and requirements in one place using CWT Travel Essentials.


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