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​Travel Light: 3 ways to turn January blues into passion

January 02, 2020

We’re back from the festive period with a jolt. The sparkly decorations have been put away, the recycling from the New Year’s Eve party taken out and the resolutions that inspired you last month are beginning to feel like additions to a harrowing ‘to-do’ list.

For some frequent travelers, the prospect of upcoming business trips away from the bosom of friends and family can feel daunting. Planes, trains and automobiles: Here’s how to use them as anchors for positive gains in 2020.

  1. Get on the 'No train' – Speaker and author Marie Forleo uses this phrase in her book, ‘Everything is Figureoutable.’ Being discerning with your time and attention is critical to success and contentment in your personal and professional lives. Declining a request can make you more of a team player than the other away around. Consider whether or not the request fits your overall goal. If it doesn’t, explain why clearly and gracefully. In a work context, sit with your team and review priorities together or explain that you may need to pause other projects to take on a task and do it well. Then align priorities together. In the day-to-day, ask about the goal or outcome of a meeting or call before accepting.

  2. Prepare for take-off – As you pack for business trips and delegate tasks to colleagues, consider how to apply the same level or organization to your daily life. For example, start using an hour on a Friday Afternoon to plan the week ahead, as you would plan for a trip.

  3. Stay with your vision - Create a vision statement for your life and link it to your business trips. Your vision statement is a declaration of your values, who you are becoming and describes the future you are aiming for. Examples include ‘I hold a vision of being a mentor to new start-ups in my field,’ or ‘My vision is to create meaningful connections with people.’

Knowing your vision for life gives your business trips purpose. Take it one step further and choose the accommodation that aligns with your values. Do you want to reduce your impact on the planet? Consider an eco-hotel. Do you want to meet new people? Choose a boutique hotel with a dynamic communal space.


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