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Money in the Jar: 3 things you could do with your unused and refundable ticket savings

September 08, 2021


By Narelle Smythe
Senior Manager , Global Product Marketing CWT

With more companies making work-from-home a permanent arrangement, it’s important to not only implement programs to improve the work-from-home experience but also consider ways employees can meet face-to-face when it’s safe to do so.

As more of the global economy reopens, a surge in job vacancies has coincided with workers worldwide re-evaluating their lifestyles, post-pandemic. Retaining talent has therefore become a key priority for many companies.

In the UK, job vacancies in July surpassed one million for the first time. A study by Microsoft found that 41 percent of the global workforce is considering leaving their job this year.

It’s important to keep your workforce inspired but does your mind quickly shift to; where will I find the budget? How about using the savings from refundable tickets towards a work from home program and reusing available flight credits for upcoming trips?

Here are 3 things you could do with your savings:

  1. Bolster the professional development of your employees. With many certifications and trainings available online, you could encourage your employees to sign up as you are covering the associated fees by using the savings from your refundable tickets. This will help re-energize your employees and could even increase your employee retention rate. 
  2. Use available flight credits for your next team meeting. With hundreds of tickets available due to COVID-19 ‘cancellations’, start planning to use them for your next team meeting. Check airline policies as expiration dates may have been extended and free name changes may now be permitted. 
  3. Improve employee morale by offering incentive trips. The airfares can be taken care of by any available unused tickets and incidentals by your refundable tickets.

There’s a range of things you could do with your savings, but you first need the right reporting tools to manage your unused tickets effectively.

In addition to our existing unused ticket reporting, we have just released three new dashboards to make it easier for you to know how many unused tickets are available, have been exchanged, refunded, expired or are about to expire, the value of those tickets and to whom they belong to.

The sky is the limit when it comes to using your unused and refundable tickets. Find out more about how to save on unused flight tickets.


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