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Data consolidation – Case study

Extracting more value from data insights


Communications industry



Results at a glance: 

  • Consolidated and improved accuracy of data
  • Simplified data flows by consolidating agencies
  • Increased accuracy of data from 85% to 98%

“Their aim was to increase traveler satisfaction with the company’s program and processes, improve policy compliance and drive savings.”


CWT Solutions Group worked with a global leader in marketing communications that was struggling to combine data from 17 countries, many agencies, and in multiple currencies. Their goal was to increase the visibility of their overall spend across these markets. With the new insights, they wanted to gain a stronger position to negotiate their supplier agreements.


We worked with the client to consolidate their data and improve its accuracy using CWT’s advanced analytic tools and quality filters. We were able to guide the company on contract performance goals and advise on the strategies to reach them by using suitable metrics to assess performance. As part of this process, we helped the company consolidate to fewer agencies to simplify data flows.


CWT Solutions Group helped the client increase the accuracy of their data from 85% to 98%. The company now has full visibility of its travel spend to improve negotiations with suppliers.

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