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Responsible Airline Sourcing – Case study

Align with like-minded partners


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Results at a glance: 

  • Re-invented the scope and evaluation mechanism of the airline RFP engagement
  • Included a new module with 20+ questions about Sustainability and Human Rights
  • Conducted extensive communication and education sessions with the airlines
  • New portfolio selected based on weighting between financial offering and sustainability factors
  • Supplier Alignment with like-minded partners invested in sustainability



Solutions Group is managing a Global Airline RFP for a mature global financial client.

The company is invested in sustainability and has a long term vision to reduce carbon footprint across the organization and travel supply chain.

Therefore, the client required the inclusion of sustainable considerations in the project. They are looking for an evaluation methodology in the sourcing process that enables them to balance cost considerations with sustainability aspects.


Solutions Group proposed to re-invent the scope and evaluation mechanism of the airline RFP engagement and included a new module with 20+ questions about Sustainability and Human Rights.

In order to ensure accurate and extensive response from the suppliers on all sustainability aspects, CWT Solutions Group has conducted several communication and education sessions with the airlines. This was critical to ensure all information was available for inclusion into the evaluation matrix (for example average age of fleet, waste approach, certifications, energy strategy etc).


The airline supported the process very well with 90% of airlines who successfully responded to the sustainability and social questions.

Amongst the selection of airlines included in the process:

  • 67% of respondent airlines were actively seeking co-operations with global companies for manufacturing and usage of sustainable aviation fuels
  • Over 50% of respondent airlines have zero-waste flights or reducing single use plastics

The evaluation process weighted the financial offering and the sustainability responses and resulted in the selection of suppliers that provide the best ratings considering coverage, pricing and sustainable practices.

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