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Sourcing is a continuous process

Traditionally, there has been a “set it and forget it” approach to sourcing – with annual or biannual reviews of supplier deals. We are bringing you a holistic approach to ensure you are getting the best possible return on your sourcing investment. Through dynamic sourcing strategies provided by our consultants, benchmarking and AI-enabled technology. Our deep knowledge of the supplier landscape means we are first to know about new entrants to the market, and industry trends.

With over 20 years of industry experience and a proven track record, our clients have seen an average return of $13 for every $1 they have spent with us.

What results do you want to achieve?

We can help you

  • Find the right balance of contracts and optimal supplier mix
  • Evaluate responses weighing commercial offering with the importance of sustainability and traveler well-being into the decision making process
  • Focus time and efforts on getting the best possible deals using our negotiation power index
  • Ensure you achieve the contract value you negotiated
  • Monitor supplier deals to make sure they meet your needs
  • Adjust your program consistently to adapt to changing business needs and industry trends

Our program delivers an average 13 to 1 roi
and boost the productivity of your team.

Work with experts to extract value

Our supplier management expertise

We help you maintain healthy, responsible and robust supplier management. You will prevent time and energy wasted renegotiating deals annually, and get more value from your supplier relationships.

  • Our consultants work with you to set the right strategy and supplier mix
  • Our data tools and consultants help decode your data
  • Focus time and effort where you can get the best return on investment with our negotiation power index.
  • Actively manage sourcing throughout the year
  • Ongoing monitoring for continuous improvement

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Our success stories

A global technology company protected their travel budgets from a US $300,000 pricing surge at their top hotel supplier.

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Sourcing is a continuous process

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