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Travel and expense strategy

Drive results through business travel transformation

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From commodity to strategic investment


Need to align your strategy with your business needs?

We help companies transform travel and expense management from cost-driven to value-driven. This is delivered through our ECO approach. ECO stands for Employee wellbeing, Climate Impact and Organizational Performance.

Gain end-to-end insights and recommendations. Use traveler experience, engagement and performance metrics to improve your travel and expense programs. Improve policy compliance, safety and security, business productivity and your bottom line. At the same time, you can increase the savings you generate for your company and reduce your program carbon footprint.

Deliver a best in class travel and expense program to support your company’s objectives.

Transform your strategy

You need to find new sources of savings, and deliver a competitive and responsible travel program.

Are you asking: does my travel policy account for the first and last miles of a trip? Am I effectively tracking the performance of my travel and expense program? Why and how are my traveling employees not compliant? How can I build a travel program with well-being of employees at the core? How can I mitigate the environmental impact of my program?

We drive value through a holistic approach to your travel and expense program, customized to focus on your key business goals - with:

  • Assessment. Take a 360-degree view of your program.
  • Benchmarking. See how you stack up against industry peers.
  • Gap analysis. Monitor performance vs goals, use compliance and savings dashboards and more.
  • Recommendations. Strategic actions on every aspect of your travel and expense program.

Become a strategic partner in your organization

As a data-driven travel and expense manager, you can impact all areas of the business. Support your company’s business strategy by engaging with your key business partners from HR to finance, including IT and procurements and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) leaders.

Extract savings across every area, and demonstrate the value of business travel. Implement the right strategy to drive your travel and expense program and reach your business goals.

Embark on CO₂ reduction initiatives

Atmosfair logoCWT Solutions Group partners with Atmosfair, a non-profit CO₂ mitigation leader, with a specialized focus on business travel. It enables you to provide CO₂ visibility in flight, train, hotel, car which boosts data visibility and success in CO₂ reduction goals.

The advanced CO₂ emissions calculations based on the VDR methodology is the best-in-class standard for emissions accounting in business travel.

Trends shaping business travel

T&E costs represent 1-3% of company revenue.

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