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Traveler Tribes

Meeting the needs of different traveler types


Why understanding each individual traveler should be on your to do list

It’s safe to assume that each individual traveler in your organization has different needs, expectations and preferences when they travel for business. However, it’s also safe to assume the majority of programs segment their employees by the usual data sets – gender, age and job level… have you tried profiling employees based on a wide variety of data giving numerous profiles that are unique to your business?

Business Traveler Tribes


Me, my data and I

At CWT we use three sets of data to give you a clearer picture of each individual traveler:

  • Information from us the TMC
  • Expense data
  • HR data

This helps create profiles for different traveler types to give you a better understanding of what kind of travelers your company has.

Sneak preview of one of the tribes found in your ebook:


Collaborative FOMOs - The ultimate networking traveler

Characteristics: The Collaborative FOMOs (Fear Of Missing Out) can be found in middle-management. They are engaged, use travel for maximum collaboration and enjoy business trips.

Opportunities when dealing with this tribe? They relish the thought of more opportunities to interact, such as the continued growth of virtual assistants.

How to deal with this tribe? CWT expert tip: surprise this tribe with the newest means for staying connected. Whether it’s an app with booking, messaging, and click-to-call capabilities, or a new app that connects to similar-minded people in an airport, or a demo for a better mobile video-conferencing experience.

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