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Travel Management Software & Tools

Our wide array of travel management software helps you and your employees be more productive

CWT’s travel management software

To effectively manage your organization’s business travel program, you need travel management software and business travel tools that help you and your employees be productive and efficient. CWT offers award-winning, web-based tools that give you greater visibility, insights and capabilities as well as business travel tools that keep your traveling employees focused on the business of your company.

Whether it’s taking advantage of post-booking price drops on hotel and airfares or getting an important message to your travelers, our innovative travel management system helps you discover new insights and possibilities. We can help you and your employees save money and time, delivering tangible value back to your organization. CWT is the business travel tool you can’t do without.

The right price in the right place.

All of those negotiations are wasted if your travelers can’t access your negotiated rates - or ours - at the point of sale, through every company-approved booking channel. CWT’s single platform strategy ensures all of your employee booking options - phone, online and mobile - reflect your company’s preferred suppliers and rates. We even offer GDS rate audit services to ensure the rates in booking systems are actually ones you want your employees using. And, when your rate isn’t available, our broad array of negotiated supplier deals can still give your company business travel savings. We’re so confident in our negotiated hotel rates, we offer a Best Rate Guarantee up to $500 USD.

Even after booking, CWT’s price optimization service can monitor airfares and hotel rates to take advantage of price drops. Our automated system does the hard work, and we’ll just contact your traveler if a lower price becomes available for the same type of booking. Your employee makes the choice; your company enjoys the travel savings.


Travel management software that’s easy-to-use

CWT offers an array of web-based tools that make the challenge of managing business travel easier. From business travel reporting to automated messaging and traveler tracking, we believe in “always on,” 24/7 accessible travel management tools that help you be productive and gain new insights easily.

Corporate travel management tools

Reporting and business intelligence

CWT’s business intelligence platform, our cornerstone business travel management tool, gives you a powerful command center that’s easy to use and customize for just the information you need. We’ll help you gather all your data worldwide in one place to give you full visibility across your entire travel program. With our corporate travel tools, you can turn your organization’s near real-time data into actionable insights to drive improvements to your travel program. With amazing flexibility and power, CWT’s business intelligence platform lets you change your view from worldwide to country to business unit to traveler with just a few clicks.

Some of the things you can do with this award-winning corporate travel management tool include:

  • Create custom queries to customize business travel reporting information for your organization’s key stakeholders.
  • Compare your travel program to others with built-in benchmarking.
  • Review our recommended actions—based on your data—that can help you show even more value to your company.
  • Monitor travel policy compliance by comparing credit card to booked travel data.
  • Share graphic dashboards and charts—with drill-through clicks to the detailed data behind them—to help you get key stakeholders on board with your plans.
  • Identify travelers impacted by a disruption or crisis, with a simple, web-based tracking tool.

Automated traveler messaging

Reach travelers quickly with important or helpful information with our automated business travel messaging tool, CWT messaging services. This powerful web-based tool allows you to set up messages based on specific parameters in your employees’ travel itineraries to support travel policy compliance, advise travelers of security situations, alert them to disruptions and so much more. All you have to do is set up the messages—we’ll even give you samples that have worked for our clients—and we’ll do the rest.

Online booking tools

Of course, CWT supports all major online booking tools, in all major business travel markets in the world. We offer advanced integration that allows us to view and adjust bookings made with your selected online booking tool via other channels when needed.

Business travel tools

If your employees spend less time organizing their trips, they’re spending more time working – which is good for your company. We offer fully integrated travel management software that helps your employees stay productive and compliant to your travel policy all within your business travel program. Our single platform, myCWT, powers the business travel tools your travelers need—online, mobile, and with travel counselors—to help them book within your program.


The smart app for business travel

Our highly-rated mobile app gives your employees the power of CWT at their fingertips. This innovative and integrated business travel tool helps keep business travelers productive wherever they are, saving them time and giving them added convenience without sacrificing policy compliance. Our mobile app helps them:

  • Book travel—flights and hotels.
  • Keep their calendar up to date—travel itineraries synch to their smartphone calendar and can easily be shared with colleagues or family members.
  • Review flight alerts—when flights are delayed or canceled or they just need to know about a simple gate change.
  • Get help from a travel counselor—one-click access to CWT agents.
  • Be more productive—with helpful travel-related tools like currency converters, tip calculators, and more, all in one app.

myCWT online experience

CWT makes it easy to put the information and booking tools your employees need all in one place, online, without the hassle of creating your own site. myCWT online offers a complete portal experience—complete with integrated bookings, traveler profile access, on-demand itineraries, and a place for you to post company news and travel policy information. Your employees get everything they need in one place, you get an easy way to connect to your traveling employees.

Trusted hotel reviews

CWT helps your travelers simplify booking decisions and gain confidence with 100% validated hotel ratings and reviews through a simple web-based tool called CWT Hotel Intel. No more fake reviews on third-party sites! You can customize your company’s version of this tool to only show reviews and ratings from your company’s travelers, and only those employees who have completed a trip are allowed to submit a review for their hotel.

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