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Make your event stand out by delivering lasting memories

It takes a significant, if not huge investment to host an event that leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you have a new brand to launch, a new product to bring to market, employees to convince, it’s imperative you create an immersive experience. From pre-event organization to post-event follow-up the experience helps to maximize your chances of success and generate the longed for return on investment.

Meet Marvin Calubaquib:
Marvin joined the CWT Meetings & Events Singapore team in May 2016 and has since become an invaluable member of the creative team. In his role as meetings and events creative innovator, Marvin brings huge levels of innovation and creativity to put together designs, key visuals and production sets for our events that continue to wow clients.

Marvin Calubaquib

Always on the lookout for new ideas, Marvin loves to apply these ideas with new technology for an even better experience. In particular, he’s turned his attention to virtual events to deliver maximum impact. He strives for meeting attendees to be engaged and entertained while participating in an interactive and fun way.

Originally from the Philippines, Marvin has lived in Singapore for almost 14 years. He enjoys being behind the camera to capture family stories on film.

Experiential Events

To help make your event stand out and positively impact your brand, we have a creative team that get to work immediately. Based on your brief, they develop a visual identity implemented across all aspects of your event from badges to signage. Their remit includes live and virtual staging, booth building, videos, jingles and more. All of which are designed to convey your message and realize your strategy. From slick and stylish decors to immersive journeys, our teams will engage the five senses to motivate attendees by bringing creativity, passion, limitless ideas, and show-stopping experiences.

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Experiential Events


Creativity for events

In-person events have a tangible, all senses aspect to them. Without this sensory side, many perceive a virtual event as a webinar or video conference. We understand the necessity for creativity, striving to deliver differentiation and memorable moments. Our team use data to understand the audience profile to find the right ways to gain participation and entertain.


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Don't just take our word for it. One attendee at a recent virtual event commented: "It was absolutely high-tech and innovative."

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