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Life-Changing Travel


“These families wrapped their hands around my heart”: the words of Theresa from our specialized care team, a unique team of consultants entrusted with some of the most important, yet sensitive, travel on the planet. 

Meet Theresa York:
Based in the US, Theresa is an experienced CWT consultant, hand-picked for her compassionate and calm nature that allows her to provide a seamless service in extremely emotional and stressful situations to her very special travelers. The vast majority are young cancer patients and their families who are traveling to clinical trials for potentially life-saving treatment.

Theresa York

No Ordinary Trip

It’s impossible to quantify the commitment Theresa and her colleagues put every day in their jobs knowing that a stress-free trip is just not simply desired, it’s essential for people who already have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Theresa brings her expertise and compassion to every flight, hotel, or car she books; she’s developed strong bonds with many families over the years, they aren’t simply customers or “just” travelers, it’s personal.

Unique challenges

Unlike typical business travelers who may be familiar with flying, getting through airports, or hiring cars in strange cities, Theresa says some of her travelers are not only less used to travelling, but also feeling more vulnerable. They sometimes call her simply for advice on navigating an airport as they’ve never taken a flight before. It requires an extra dose of understanding and reassurance: something she is always committed to provide. 

Handling the emotional factor 

Theresa says the incredible challenges faced by some of the families she works with gives her an incredible sense of fulfilment; children with incredible stories and initial challenges who are now healthy teenagers or young adults ready to go out and make their mark on the world. 

What’s different about this role at CWT?  

Theresa believes what makes CWT so effective in serving life science customers is truly understanding the type of people who can be successful in this unique role: it’s not for everyone. Even though any consultant starting out receives a lot of training, it takes a particular personality from the outset and so finding, nurturing, and supporting these consultants is what makes CWT different and being a counsellor for life sciences special.

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