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Going the extra mile in media and entertainment travel

Meet Kelley Fosdick:
Kelley is a global client director, heading up one of CWT’s largest Media and Entertainment clients. The round-the-clock team of CWT specialized consultants look after a unique group of travelers that include celebrities, professional sports people, news and film crews. Calling New York home, Kelley brings her extensive experience in the industry to her role at CWT.

Kelly Fosdick

Top of her game:

Kelley tells us how her 20 years as a travel manager, working on top tier incentive programs such as the President’s Club, prepared her for her current role and enables her to understand the challenges clients face in balancing cost control with high traveler expectations. She’s been involved in the global implementations of some of world’s biggest media and entertainment companies at CWT; something that is always complicated, but for these unique customers the expectation is even higher.

Business travel, but not as you know it:

Operating on behalf of such specialized industries leaves no margin for error. The stakes are high – failure to get a news crew and all their equipment to a volatile destination at a moment’s notice could result in them missing a breaking news story as it unfolds. “We have a backup plan for everything. There’s no room for mistakes!” Kelley says.


What’s different about this role at CWT?

Our team takes on the unique challenges that the media, entertainment and sports industries present with a sense of excitement. We provide added value to these customers with a true white-glove service, and we understand the complexities involved. Beyond our 24/7 dedicated teams – who are specifically trained in your industry – your travelers will have an array of ways to access CWT services, including web, messaging and our award-winning myCWT mobile app. In the media, entertainment and sports world, no two days are the same and for that Kelley and her team are delighted: “We enjoy the fast pace of managing such exciting travel and on behalf of these important clients who have found what they are looking for in a partner with CWT”.

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