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Joining the NDC journey for an improved travel booking experience

With eyes constantly looking ahead, CWT continues to prioritize and invest in solutions that solve air distribution disruption, including New Distribution Capabilities (NDC).

Meet Stefan
Having close to 30 years of experience in travel, Stefan brings his hands-on travel services knowledge for a unique perspective on the solution design for NDC. He has an eye on ensuring there’s value to everyone in the travel equation, but especially those booking travel - client employees and travel counselors. Building a solution that’s truly seamless and practical while delivering providing access to richer content.

A German national, Stefan enjoys living in Bavaria. He’s passionate about…… Holding a lean Six Sigma Green Belt he has high process standards; helping support our customers' expectations for impeccable quality and ever increasing delivery speeds.

Stefan was fully engaged in our recent success – a live NDC booking made through Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.


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